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Friday's Air


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Good morning,

Well, it's 3:30AM here, so really not a good time for mornings, or goods LOL...

I'm sorry for not being here this week. It just flew by, and there was so much I needed/wanted to get done by the time they did the BIG treatment. I had that yesterday. I call day 1 of each cycle the BIG treatment day. That is the day they whack me with all of their guns. It's a big day. Starts with labs, doctors appointment, and then treatment. IT's about an eight hour day. Then on day 8, it's an easy treatment, a fairly quick one hour drip of Navelbine and I'm out of there.

This week I've been battling something which has my voice and cough sounding barky. Sore throat, and just over all malaise. I did volunteer at Gilda's club, and went to one of my bible study groups. But other than that, laying low, napping a lot and wishing to feel better.

After treatment yesterday, I felt like I got hit in the head with a baseball bat. Still do. I got home, and just could not function, so slept for 3 hours. R picked up take out so ate a little bit, but it didn't settle well. Then I went back to bed with a big headache and muscle aches.

I'm up at 3:00AM, but ready to go back to bed right awayl]i've doubled up on my pain meds and ready to "bed it out" for the next few days.

i'll write more later. Just very tired.

Missed you all.

Judy in MI

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Thanks for opening the air today , Judy! You've been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time. Sure wish we could get some good news from "our" Judys. This "just for fun" forum just hasn't been much fun lately. :( I don't post in this forum often, not sure why, but I read here and try to keep up with everyone . I'm out here praying for everyone , doing happy dances when things are good and oftentimes crying when things are not. I feel a special bond with all who come here, to this place where we all " get it".

Just a brief description of the air here in Norfolk, Virginia on this lovely day. It's just perfectly beautiful , sunny and mid 60's. So, on that note, I think I will log out and go do something useful.



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Hi Judy,

Good to see you're back, but sorry that you're having such a rough time -- Hope you will feel better by the weekend. Things have been busy with trivial tasks this week but necessary ones, like getting an oil change, shopping, getting ready for a visit from my Grand-dog tonight until Wednesday (My daughrer and her husband are going to Calgary where he is speaking on a panel) so I always need to check out the fences to make sure no critter has dug a tunnel under them during the winter. Last time he was here there was snow on the ground, and he still found a way under the fence into our neighbour's yard (at least it wasn't out onto the road), so this time I fixed up that hole and a couple of others that I found. The opossums (sp?) have invaded our neighbourhood in the past few years, and they have dug up a lot of territory.

Must go to make dinner for the kids, but I sure am happy to see you here, so many of us have been very worried about you and Judy in KW, so at least we know you are okay, even if not thriving yet. Take care and get lots of rest and hopefully you can drink if not eat very well now -- I love the Boost line (way better than Ensure and same type of cals,etc.) but don't know if you can get it down there. When I was in hospital they provided it as a supplement and it actually tasted GOOD. Sending my warmest thoughts and keeping you in my heart.



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