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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just arrived in New York,shared my journey on the Amtrak train with a young mother and child,hey not only did she know I was Scottish,but that I came from Glasgow,how amazing was that?,she tells me her best friend is from Glasgow and knew my accent well.Another strange one,waiting to be served in a cafe,before I said a word to the cashier,she asked me where in the world did I come from,and no, I was'nt wearing my kilt,I asked why she considered I was'nt from these parts,"Your face looks different to all the Americans faces here",well knock me down with a feather?,what could she mean?.

Booked into a Hotel just across from Penn Station,its hugh,I am on the 14th floor,but the room is much more comfortable than the Seton I stayed in New York last year.Downside,there's no wi fi in the Hotel other than the lobby area,which is really uncomfortable,not even a seated area with tables,to rest my netbook,they are even charging for the wi fi service,so I am occupying a table in a adjacent cafe that provides free access,I really resent paying for a service that should be universal and free.In the UK,hugh swathes are wi fi "hot spots" in our cities to allow free internet access,where ever you are.USA take note.

I dont think I will be posting in any pics of my visit until I return to Scotland,its too time consuming (well for me) I dont like to sit in cafes too long on line,mind you if I have to buy a pasta etc,each time I want to go online,my waistline is going to expand somewhat.

Hope to take in a show or two,like to see Wicked,another one I have heard about is the Book of Mormon,anyone seen this of heard of any crits?.Time to move on,I will post later,when I am hungry LOL.Bye for now.

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