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Friday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Friday everyone!!

I am busy doing last minute stuff before MY KIDS COME HOME!!!! I am kind of excited! It is harder and harder now that they are grown and live on their own, to get all 3 of them in one spot at the same time. And, I must say, the three of them together are like a great comedy act! I have one more trip to the grocery store,a stop at the liquor store, one more vacuum (that is a constant with my golden retriever) and then start cooking!! I am trying hard to pace myself so I can enjoy the weekend without being exhausted. My oldest daughter can only come for one day which makes me a little sad, but it is ok, I have her for one day! It is a sign they are grown up when they come for day trips I guess!

I hope you all have wonderful weekends planned, and that the weather holds out for any ceremonies and/or parades in your town. If any of you are veterans, THANK YOU.


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Just dropping by to wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend. Janet, you are obviously going to have a wonderful visit with your kids. It is great when they can all make it home together. But our middle son came up by himself just for one day a few weeks ago - we had such a good time and I realized halfway through lunch that we had not gotten to spend any time with him alone (all by hmself - no kids, significant others/spouses, brothers) in more than 20 years. It may never happen again - and I do love having everyone - but it was very special.

Haven't been around much - just so much going on and I've gotten strep throat from the grandkids so have been feeling pretty yucky - but I'm hoping things will calm down soon and get back to "normal".

Judy - BIG CONGRATS on the end of your chemo!!

Have a safe holiday everyone.


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I started my day with a visit to town. As I drove by the garden center, some gorgeous pink geraniums caught my eye. I usually put lots of pots and baskets on my old fashioned front porch. I also, usually do all the pots myself, which takes lots of potting soil and annuals. I was going to skip the expense and effort and leave my porch bare this year. And then I spotted the bright colored, ready to go ivy geraniums in hanging baskets and they were on sale. I bought some for the shepards hooks in front of my porch and side entry way. I got them home and hung them up before I even went into the house! My heart skipped a beat, they are so beautiful. My "normal" moment for the day. I am not quite sure why I thought I needed to withhold the pleasure of fresh, new annuals this year, but so glad I allowed myself this joy.

Jim and I are going to the cottage this weekend. He is going to do some work and I will do whatever I want. We hope to get the hot tub going and the patio furniture out. I have an umbrella to cover the hot tub and the table, to keep the sun at bay. It may get up to 90 degrees this weekend in Michigan.

I hope you call have great weekends. I told my husband this week that I would be talking about you all as friends and would introduce you to him through the stories and thoughts you all share here. I hope that is okay. Somedays, my contact with my fellow survivors, here on the LUNGevity site is the only contact I have, with anyone all day. (other than my husband at at the beginning and end of the day, of course. I already think of you as friends.


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I came on line and saw Friday's Air with 10 responses! Holy Cow I thought! People are coming out to talk. How awesome. But I got here to see it's a spammer. Darn it. Darn it that it's the spammer and darn it that it was not a bunch of people coming out. Whatever. I wish a happy weekend to all of you too!

Sue, I hope you enjoy that cottage! With the hot weather coming our way I'm not sure the hot tub is where you'll be but you can always do tub with out the hot! Have fun! Loved the flowers story. That's right, no denying the pleasure of fresh annuals! No way! We just put our hanging baskets out too. It is so lovely. The hummers and orioles are back. I love those birds.

Janet, thanks for the congrats! I was back there today for 5 hours of fresh blood! IT's probably just the right 'kick' I need to start off the long weekend!

Judy in MI

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I guess I should have mentioned that I do use the hot tub, without the "hot" on hot days. Set it about 98 degrees and lounge in it like my own personal pool. A tall glass of iced tea and my Kindle under a large mounted patio umbrella make an ideal spot to relax. If we fill it Saturday am, we might be able to get the phand chlorine right by Monday! If that doesn't work out, there is always the screened porch which is shaded by large, old cherry trees.

And I agree with you, I wish the spammers would stay in there own back yard!

Have a great weekend and you do whatever you need to do to feel good this weekend!

Susan mi

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Hi Everyone,

Just on midnight here in Scotland,so perhaps I should call this Saturday's Air LOL.We have been having a super spell of sunny blue skies this week,with temps higher than in Italy.Spent today after my yoga this morning,relaxing in my lounger reading Randy Broads book,"Its an Extraordinary Life" extraordinarily good too,given the authors name,I must reassure you all,its not in the slightest bit racy.

Yesterday following the gym and swim,off to the Horseshoe Bar for lunch with the buddies,3 course meal for approx $7,generous portions to boot.It was then to the shops to fund a suitable T-shirt for a week on Saturday,its the Noreen Davies Hikers and Bikers Charity walk around the Isle of Millport time again,Eric and approx 400 women walking the 11 miles around the Isle.Last year a draw was made for each bus occupants to dress up in a costume,drawn from a hat containing the names of several countries of the World,our bus, Sumo,drew the UK,so everyone has to wear Red,White and Blue,I did find a white T-shirt with a Union Jack on the front,so with my blue shorts etc,I will fit the bill.Its Olympics year and the Queens Diamond Jubilee,so its all very patriotic here just now,mind you the Scots are bit less enthusiastic monarchists than the English,given the statistic in England applications to the councils for permission to hold Jubilee street parties currently number over 6500, in Scotland about 100,with the greatest proportion being held in Edinburgh.

Hi Janet,Do have the most wonderful weekend with the three kids at home,dont forget to relax and let the kids take a good share of the chores.

Hi Susan,I hope you dont mind me saying,I just love your avatar,your happy smile is so infectious,another one looking forward to a super weekend-enjoy.

Hi JudyMI,like you a noticed the number of postees to todays air,and thought what a great turnout,alas not,I so hate these spammers, have they no thought of shame considering who this website is for?.Good to see you have completed your chemos,time now to get back to simply enjoying life again,have a great weekend.

Bedtime beckoning,good night everyone.

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