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Hello everyone,

It has been a long time that I haven't written any news, so I am glad that I realise new persons have also shared with us their own experiences.

As far as my father is concerned, as you can see from my signature, he is still kicking! So far, he has had mets to brain, adrenal and pancreas but thank God he is on chemotherapy which seems to help out and his physical condition is good. In almost a month he will have new scans and I won't hide you that I am a bit anxious about the results and also worried if there are any other drugs he could take. According to the information I have read, things are very difficult when there are mets in such a short period of time. I wonder what I can do to make things easier for everyone, but there are times when I feel very disappointed and feel that times passes so quickly and this is so unfair for my father.

I wish you all have luck and courage for your battles and that Lord wil bless us.

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Hi Alchemistra,

Thanks for the update,I have been following your posts,you were wondering how to make things easier for everyone, I know you are doing all you can for everyone,so never reproach yourself that you could have done more.Your father is so fortunate to have such a caring daughter in his corner.My best wishes to your father as his treatments continue,that he is restored to good health.

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Thank yous so much for your reply! Your story and comments are really helpful and encouraging for me! I wish for you all the best! I hope your daughter is also fine as a wonderful actress!

Katie B.,

You are always on our side, always present!

P.S.:Nice look on the photo!

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