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Thursday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Thursday everyone!!

It is beautiful here today, about 80 degrees, blue sky, warm breeze. I plan to spend another hour or two weeding the gardens (it is a never ending, joyful task), then head to the beach. I will stay there until sunset (I already warned my husband that dinner is nothing but hot dogs, the beach is calling!).

I hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather and the wonder of nature.


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I think I am going to take a cue from Janet and do something RELAXING this afternoon. It is supposed to get close to 100 degrees here today and the beach is 1 1/2 hours away, not down the road like at Janet's. So, I think I will find my Kindle and enjoy the air conditioning at least in the hottest part of the day. I got drawn into some political discussions on Facebook with one of my daughters and her friends. Election years...it is only June! Better take a deep breath and walk away to the safety of LCSC. NO POLITICS HERE! YAY!

I made tiramisu this morning for the first time. I did leave out the rum though. I have enough "digestive" issues already and things have been pretty. Don't want to mess with that.

Plan to try and walk again tomorrow. Will get up and go while the temperature is still cool. Supposed to go down to 67 overnight.

Hope everyone else is enjoying there day and that Janet will run her toes in the sand for me!


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Good morning or I guess I should say afternoon to most of you. It is still morning here for another 45 minutes. Not too hot here yet and a nice breeze is blowing the branches of the trees outside my window. I haven't been out yet today. I too am taking it kind of slow just because I can today. Exercised early and read a little in my Bible. My house cleaning today consisted of cleaning out the drawer where I keep my few hand tools and extra screws etc. Now chicken gumbo and potato salad are in the works. Nothing to do today but my dishes then Bible study for an hour.

I started reading again yesterday for the first time in several months. Actually I am reading two stories one is a paper back that I started. I want to try and read the ones I haven't read then we can sell them at the sale we have in August. The other is on my Kindle. I like that for reading in bed before I fall asleep because I have a little light for it. My daughter and her husband and kids gave it to me for Christmas and I love it. They know that I read a lot and every year I have to fight to have room for books to read on the train when I go visit them in Louisiana. I love having so many books to choose from in one small spot and I can also have my Bible with me all of the time so I don't stop reading my chapter or two a day.

This year should be intersting to because I will have my lap top. I love to write about my trip but I have taken so many and am gone for so long that even with my good memory I tend to forget things. Now I can write them as I see them.

Janet have a gread day at the beach. I never really liked the beach until I spent time at Fort Pickens in Pensecola. I love that place but it has been 11 years sense I have been there. There is a large mountain range between me and the beach here. That is about a 2 hour drive. I would love to go but not sure if I can trust my car or myself to go that far :lol: It is a shame because I was born and raised here in California and have never seen the beaches or coastline north of San Francisco.

Well my gumbo is nearly done and my potatoes are waiting to be made into a salad. Time for me to get busy. Have a great day everyone.

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Well, the rain has finally stopped here in Florida after our little tropical storm finally passed through. It has been raining since Friday and we're pretty soaked. My grassed was mowed last Thursday and you wouldn't believe how tall it was this morning. Thank goodness for riding lawn mowers during this time of year. So, I guess we wait and see what the rest of our hurricane system has to offer. Hopefully, it's nice and calm here for the rest of the season.

Life is much the same for me...work at work...work at home and my volunteer work. It's hard for me to imagine what it would be like to relax. I think I need to pack up and join Janet at the beach. Funny, I'm very close to the beach but I rarely go. My fair skin doesn't tolerate the sun very well and I'm not a fan of sand. There's something very yucky about the combination of sand and sunblock...ugh.

Lillian, I'm so envious of you and all your gadgets!! You're becoming a real hi-tech gal. I'm also envious of that pot of gumbo you are making. If I lived close to you, I would definitely be dropping in for dinner...lol!!!

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday, my very favorite day of the week. I will be leaving work early tomorrow and driving to Orlando for a weekend "Boot Camp" for the Auxiliary Department Officers. There is so much new to learn every year, so I have lots of paper and favorite pens ready to take lots of notes.

August 14th is getting closer and I'm getting more anxious over that date. Not sure if all of you know, but my oldest son is running for County Judge here and we're all very excited about the possibility of having a judge in the family. He's always been very dedicated and worked very hard with his law career, so I am truly hoping this dream comes true for him. We've been doing a lot of campaigning and I hope it works.

Hope everyone has a nice evening!!!

Ann in Florida

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