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Wednesdays Air

Janet B

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Good morning everyone! I am sitting here at the Cancer center, in between tests, so I thought I would start the air.

It is very, very hot and humid out today, so of course, it is freezing in the hospital. I am sorry, I will NEVER understand the love of air conditioning! I am miserable cold and I have a sweatshirt on in July.

Yesterday was one of those perfect days Eric spoke of, I spent the morning on the farm playing with the children and the animals and then headed over to the lake where I floated about in a tube for hours.

I am a little worried because they are saying we will get bad thunderstorms this afternoon and I left every window in the house wide open. Hopefully my husband will be able to get home to shut them all. (he only works a mile from home).

Well, I have been here since 8:30 and won't be done till around 2 or so so that is about it for me, hope you are all have more exciting days! Enjoy the sunshine!


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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Special Hello to Janet sitting in a hospital waiting to have her tests completed,I do hope this time does not hang heavy on you,nice to know I am not the only one who can have a perfect day.

The dismal weather in the UK continues,something to do with the jet stream that comes up from the East coast of America,it should bypass the North of Scotland taking with it all the depressions and low pressure zones that would deposit all the rain into the North Sea or even Norway,the jet stream is located this summer passing through the South of England.Weather experts are claiming or more perhaps hoping, that the weather will be much improved for the Olympics starting in a couple of weeks,so fingers crossed.

Gymming and Swimming this morning,my 1.30pm lawn bowling tie was cancelled due to rain,so it will have to be rescheduled.We have a new carpet for downstairs ordered hopefully it will be laid on Friday,so I spent this afternoon,moving furniture in to the garage and lifting the old carpet,boy it was heavy going,think I will sleep well to-night.

Currently on the news today,was a report that in England ,120,000 families are responsible for costing the tax payer nearly £9 billion pounds in vandalism,crime and other anti-social behaviour,reminds of some years ago,one day I went to visit my Mother,coming up to her front door I noticed one of her windows was boarded up,I asked what had happened,she told me about a new family that had moved into the street near to her,she watched two of this families kids playing outside her home,one of them picked up a stone and threw it at her window,breaking it,I was really angry,this could have resulted in my Mum being hurt,so given the address i went to the kids parents house,the Mother opened her door,I am confronted by this rather tough looking person,lumpy headscarf,cross over pinnie,I tell her one of her kids had just brocken my Mothers window,quick as a flash,did you see them doing this,yes I said,immeadiately she asks what colour of clothes were they wearing,I had to correct myself,sorry I did'nt witness the incident myself but my Mother did,at that moment both her kids arrive at the front door,one about 12 the other about 10,an angry Mother then asks the elder one ,did you throw a stone through this Mans window?no mammy,pointing his finger at his younger sibling,he adds, it was Johnny,She takes her hand a gives the elder boy a violent slap across the face,and shouts "What have I told you before about telling tales",exit one Eric,no longer in any doubt why some kids become anti-social adults.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,Bye.

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Well I am grateful to not be sitting in a Cancer Center waiting room today, but I wouldn't mind a little of that air conditioning. I drove my husband to work this morning because his truck would not start. We were going to drop it to the shop to be looked at because he had been having issues, so I was up and dressed early. When I got home my house seemed very quiet except for the ticking of our antique schoolhouse clock. I began to feel very warm and then it dawned on me. The air conditioning was not running, no fans, no fridge, and since we have our own well, no water. Ugh. It is supposed to be in low 90's again today and is very humid. House is already up to 80*. I have to make the 80 mile round trip to pick up Jim tonight, so may leave a bit early and hang out in Lansing at the air conditioned mall. I do not have a cool ocean or lake to float in to beat the heat!

Hope all goes well, and you can rest assured that I will NOT be wearing my sweatshirt today!


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