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Mondays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thought I had solved my laptop problems,so I wrote a post,clicked submit,page comes up saying I must log in to send a post?log in page comes up,I click login,post vanished?grrr.

The poor summer weather continues here,best bet to escape it, is to go abroad,my sister Dot and her husband Jim have been entertaining their friends from Florida these last two weeks,they, despite the weather,have really enjoyed their stay in Scotland,particularly liked the Victorian Architecture of Glasgows buildings,Dot and Jim,depart for Florida with her friends tonight,to spend a couple of weeks there with them.By co-incidence,Irene and Pat went off to Majorca yesterday with grandson Max,I am going to miss them.Seems I need another holiday,my visit to the USA last May seems so long ago.

Friday last I was at the Victoria Infirmary visiting the Intensive Care Unit,it was for a photo shoot for a new lung cancer information booklet,preparing patients for lung cancer surgery.This will be published shortly by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.They had screened off a portion of the Unit for us,I was introduced to a young Doctor and nurse,who would pose with me for various scenes,some at the bedside,some with me in my jammies and dressing gown in bed,one scene,the nurse has to hold my hand to re-assure me,we are to look at each other,with solemn facial expressions,this takes a bit of time since the nurse keeps giggling at me,saying it was all my fault?.It take about two hours to complete the shoot,everyone seems very happy with the way things went.

I am waiting for the phone to ring this afternoon,a girl from a film company is making a programme for TVs Channel Four,they are looking for cancer survivors with a story to tell,focusing on the indiscriminate nature of the disease,raising awareness of it and to encourage viewers to donate to cancer charities.I also have a visit to my home next Monday from a film director who is making another TV programme specifically aimed at teenagers to dissuade from taking up a career in smoking.

August for me is starting to fill up,I have an invitation to join with the Morgan Lee Band as they are performing on the Maid of the Loch as she cruises up Loch Lomond on the 10th of Aug,I will also accompany Irene and Pat as he enjoys the 60th Birthday prezzie I bought him ,a sea plane flight from Loch Lomond up the beautiful West Coast of Scotland,thereafter, an evening meal in a lochside restaurant in Balloch.I have been given a 3 day ticket for two for a Whiskey Company Sponsored Golf Tournament at Gleneagles,also have Michelles and Darrens wedding to attend in Uddingston.SIGN meeting,support group meeting and my 6 monthly check up.

Still no word from the Theatre Company who have offered me the front of house job,they cannot confirm this until their application to Disclosure Scotland is processed to check I do not have any criminal history.

I think that covers all I had mentioned in my first attempt to post,hopefully this one will arrive safely,Bye everyone,enjoy the rest of your day.

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Its me again,I forgot about a paragraph on the Olympics in my original post,just wondering how it went down with an American audience?,at first I found it a bit confusing and thought, I am not going to enjoy this,then it just seemed to all come to-gether,I really enjoyed the whole event.It was so very British I thought,did you find it somewhere between eccentric to bonkers?

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Nice to see you Eric. It seems we have a true celebrity among us -- and just think of all the wonderful coverage for lung cancer! But how in the world will you have time to work? I have to admit that I did not watch the opening ceremony - but the only feedback I've had from one older lady was that she was confused. Keep in mind that that may have been partly due to her age. LOL

I am driving a patient to chemo today so am sticking around the house until they need to be picked up. The weatherman says it will start getting hotter the end of the week. I know we are due - but it makes breathing so hard and I have plans so was hoping the heat would hold off. Maybe the weatherman will be wrong?

I'm off to get on the treadmill - am trying to get into a real honest routine instead of just sort of when I feel like it. Gained a few pounds camping and really need to get it off.

Have a good day everyone.


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