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Mondays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Thought I would drop in for a wee keek at whats going down here in LCSC land,shame that it seems we are getting more and more spammers,rather than genuine posts.

I have been enjoying watching the Olympics over the last two weeks,I think most Brits were holding their breaths prior to them commencing,wondering if everything would go to plan,well on reflection,I did'nt think we could possibly match the Beijing Olympics,however in my humble opinion I think of the many Olympics I have witnessed in my lifetime,these were absolutely the best.Mind you, I did get involved in a string in facebook,regarding the inclusion of the NHS sketch in the opening ceremony,well this was absolutely crucified by scores of US citizens with outrageous comments like,NBC is a socialist TV company,for even broadcasting this section,despite it being outwith their control.The UK has Death Panels who decide who gets healthcare and who dos'nt,133,000 elderly citizens die each year in the UK outside the embrace of healthcare,doctors limit the ammount of healthcare spent on the retired population to $20,000 per person.Another rediculous claim,Canadian and British citizens come to the USA to have surgery since its unavailable in their countries unless of course they join a waiting list of eight years for surgery.

Well,on my dx,I had a CTscan within two days,followed up by a further two days to have a brontoscopy,,PET scan, neo-adjuvant chemotherapy and surgery all treatments completed within 3 months.I was not billed a penny,since retiring,I no longer contribute to National Insurance,and living in Scotland,I pay no prescription charges,I have free eye tests regularly,$20,000,hmmm,wonder how much all that would have cost me living in the USA?.As for Death Panels?,sorry but our doctors have also signed the Hippocratic Oath,not only American ones.Interestingly,we have a man with MS who is challenging our High Courts to have a "right to die" law introduced,well so far,euthansia is too hot a potato to handle here let alone some spurious claim to having Death Panels,I am really amazed at the ignorance of some political sections of your population.

Well I have put away my soapbox ,sorry about that I really needed to get that off my chest.

Still waiting on word for a start date for my new job,the film director came to my house last week,my story will appear on DVD,apparently it will be used in Schools,under the title Thinking Teenagers,there will be several of these films,showing people who have had a significant and lifechanging event in their lives,these films will be shown to the students who will later reflect on them and the issues raised,this will help them to better understand the transition from adolescent life to adulthood.I will send in the link when I receive it from the director.

Still enjoying my merry go round life of keeping fit and lawn bowling,visiting friends,still a wedding and a 3 day Gleneagles golf tournament to look forward to at the end of the month.

Bye for now.

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hello everyone in Lungevity-ville!

It is a cool 73 degrees this morning in the foot hills of the Ozarks, but promising to go up to only about94 by this afternoon. With no triple digits in sight for week or two.

not doing any thing special this Monday but a little light cleaning in my bedroom and trying to move things around in my limited space to make just a little more room. Also, going to try to find space for stuff still in boxes (that haven't been unpacked since I got here) and get the boxes out of the way, which in turn creates a little more room. Got people here to help move the furniture around. After that who knows. The rest of the Day is filled with endless opportunities.

Hope ya'll have a good and blessed Monday.

Till we meet again,



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