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My ma was just diagnosed


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My mother was diagnosed with stage IV small cell lung cancer on August 28th. The cancer has spread to her liver and to her bone. She had a brain scan done on Friday to see if it has spread there. She only weighs 90 lbs and will start chemo next week. I'm feeling so many different emotions right now and I guess I'm just looking for some additional support.

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I'm sorry you are getting such a belated welcome into our club (that no one wants to belong to). I am not sure why no one has been along before to welcome you, but I think it may be because your post was in SCLC rather than Introduce Yourself.

I have nonsmall cell, so am not really familiar with small cell except that I know it does respond better to chemo than some other types. No matter what kind of cancer, this is the scariest part - once treatment has started I think it gets easier. Of course I am also speaking as a patient myself, not a caregiver or family member.

I'm sure you will be hearing from others here soon that have more experience than I.

Please come back and let us know how your Mom is doing.


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Hi, I am also sorry that you are now part of our "club." I just joined in March. My mother got diagnosed with sclc.ext with mets to the liver, adrenal gland, lymph nodes, bones. She received 6 cycles of chemo, 20 radiation to her bones, and two zometa IV (for her bones.) She now had to make the decision of PCI (preventative brain radiation) and she decided to wait until the next brain MRI. I feel for you because I remember how horrible it was in the beginning: not knowing what to expect, not knowing the treatment, the outcome... It is all so confusing and stressful. This site helped me so much. I came for answers, support, anything all the time. Everyone here is so nice and supportive. The only thing I can tell you is that it does get better once the treatment plan is in place.

My mom finished her chemo in July and we all just went on a family vacation to Lake Placid where she went on the bobsled that went 60 mph and sideways. She did lose her hair, which is tough on her because it reminds her everyday of her "c". It is beginning to grow back. I would suggest to take your mom wig shopping now. I did before the treatments so when my mom did lose her hair it was one less thing to worry about.

My mom did not experience any side effects from chemo which we were all worried about. She was tired during the week of chemo but I was not sure if it was just from the chemo or from the chemo and busy days (she is retired.) She is back to normal now except for her being a little more tired and a little colder than usual but nothing at all to notice. She still does her every day routines..shopping cooking.

I wish I had the magic words or answers...I have searched everywhere. I may sound tough, however, this does break you. The only thing I can say is that I am tough because it makes my mother tougher and want to fight. There are many people out there who beat the odds. DO NOT listen to statistics because that is all they are..statistics. Everyone is different and I tell my mother that she is here for as long as she allows herself to be. DO not give up hope!!!!! It sucks but mind over matter is what I, you, everyone, needs to believe.

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I would like to welcome you,on my turn, in this site, which is full of supportive voices! I hope you will get a lot of courage!

Once you will start therapies, everything will seem to be better for you! I wish you a good start and I hope that the advice given to you about eating and gaining weight, will have the desirable results!

Best wishes

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Welcome to LCSC,sorry I am at the coo's tail in responding to your post.I am also sorry to read of your Mums dx,I can appreciate how everyone in your family is feeling just now,please pass on my very best wishes to your Mum for a successful response to her treatments.

Please do keep in touch,the buddies here with their wealth of experience can contribute to lightening your concerns about your Mum.In my experience at the outset of my cancer journey was the worst time for me as I anticipated the upcoming treatment plan devised by my Docs was being put into place,I worried about so many things,I did for a time feel a bit overwhelmed by my whole situation,I actually despite all my worries I sailed through the lot without any discernable problems.I have received no further treatments since their completion in Jan 2009.

One or two little observations that helped me on my journey,one,with the support of family and friends and the passage of time,things actually start to get better,there is light at the end of the tunnel,so take one day at a time,dont race into a future of what ifs,.two,a saying I picked up "Worry is like sitting in a rocking chair,its gives you something to do,but it dos'nt get you anywhere".Bye for now.

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I have non small cell lung cancer and am not as familiar with small cell lung cancer. I can relate to how you must feel not knowing what is going to happen. It has been a bit since you posted, so hopefully you are meeting with your mom's doctors and are closer to a plan for treatment. She is lucky to have such a caring daughter. I have stage 4 NSCLC and am a one year survivor. I was very blessed to have found a treatment that is working for me. It was not the first treatment we tried. Ask your mom's doctor's questions, come here for support for yourself. It can be a very scary time, but you don't have to go through it alone. Please keep us updated on your mom's progress and my thoughts will be with you.


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