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Trying out the new mobile app! This is great Katie! I use my phone for most of my posting, so this will really work great for me.

Swimming for me today and then trying to do some more decluttering of my house. I got my Halloween sorted and distributed to my daughters. It feels good to get something accomplished. I was wondering if I had lost my mind when I saw all that stuff all over my counter! I did keep a very few things for me. Mailed a box to Alison in Columbus and took Melissa's box to my grandson's party last night. I could tell she was excited to get the Halloween things because she started pulling things out of the box, on the spot. She said Halloween is her favorite holiday. Wonder how she go that? I am sure she will remember many of the decorations.

Dylan's party was fun. We all wore party hats and he tried not to smile while we sang "Happy Birthday". He is a little tough guy and does not want you to know he is having too much fun sometimes. He was having a great time and so did we.

Well cool and sunshine again today. I could get used to this. Fall is such a short season before we blow into Winter here in Michigan. We got spoiled last winter with almost no snow at all. We will probably get buried this year. Time will tell.

Hope you all have a great day! Thank you, again Katie for the mobile app!

Susan :-D

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

For a change its been a beautiful day here,sunshine and blue skies,my favourite weather, warm enough to sit outside and read the papers.

Enjoyed my yoga class this morning,went for lunch with my yoga friends to Wetherspoons,a really nice pub/restaurant in Cumbernauld.Looking forward to tomorrow,going to my sister Irenes home to have an afternoon reviewing all my recent photographs of her husband Pats 60th birthday events,ie Inglestone race track in Edinburgh,driving expensive sports cars and our day out at Loch Lomond,where Pat boarded a seaplane for a flight up the West Coast of Scotland.I got some really good pics,I am also looking forward to seeing the Photos Pat took from his seat on the seaplane,the scenery on Scotlands West Coast is absolutely stunning.

ABC on Sunday,then up to my other sister Dots for the afternoon,grand kids Emma and jack will be there so lots of fun and games,Emma has started Secondary School now and celebrated her 12th birthday last week,so I guess it wont be long until she stops coming to grans on a Sunday in favour of girl and boy friends company.

Hi Diane,Yes we do seem to have more holidays than our American friends,however there are many regional variations throughout Scotland for holiday arrangements.Strathclyde is the region I live in which has about half of Scotlands population,we simply call this holiday the Sept weekend,Friday through to Monday inclusive,all schools are closed and most businesses.Schools and Colleges also close for a week in October also,sigh, how iImiss my college holidays LOL.My daughter drove from New York to Los Angeles a couple of years ago and would phone me daily about her adventures,I tracked her entire journey in my Times Atlas by the end the USA had a great big smiley face of my joined up pen line,in this same page,I have ringed where each buddy here lives,including Bruce up in Canada so I will now put a little ring around Medford to remind me of where you live,must get Susans location?.

Hi Susan Really sorry to hear of your spine damage,yes yoga does require a lot of bending and stretching,I had to laugh at your reference to being the youngster amongst the exercise pool group,thats why I play bowls its full of elderly ladies and gentlemen who call me son,makes me feel so young.

Well Katie and all you other buddies who can post here using smart phones,I am in awe your technical wizardy,I am afraid i will be sticking to my quill and ink pot, so there.Bye for now,enjoy your weekend.

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I live in Michigan. It is the mitten state that is surrounded by the Great Lakes. (Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, lake Superior,and Lake Erie. I live in the lower pennisula in a little town called Bellevue. It is in the lower middle of the state between Battle Creek and Lansing (which is the capitol of the state). We are not quite an island like Scotland, but we have water on 3 sides.

I have a heritage that links me to the UK. My dad is Irish and both of his grandparents were immigrants from Ireland. Ireland looks like a beautiful place from the pictures I have seen. Have you been there? I had hoped to make a trip there in my lifetime, but not sure if that will happen. I did get in touch with my Irish roots today by coloring my hair. It grew back in Salt & Pepper after my chemotherapy and I was feeling too young to look that old. I could not remember the name of the color I used to use, so I picked "caramel". It turned out more like "carrot cake", but on the upside, it is not grey anymore.

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Hi Susan,

Thanks for describing your location,I see you are just to the south east of JudyMI,I can read in my atlas Lansing,Battle Creek,Kalamazoo (that name always brings a smile to my chops for some reason?)sorry but my eyesight fails me to find Bellavue,must get a stronger pair of glasses LOL.Anyway I have ringed your approx location.Have you ever met up with JudyMI?,on my USA journey last year, I stayed in Cleveland and Chicago,shame I could have paid you a wee visit,I was that close.

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Eric, Bellevue is population 1401, so it is pretty tiny. A one stop light town. You would need a pretty detailed map to find it. Maybe a microscope would work better than reading glasses! It is made up of churches, restaraunts, bars, or as you would say, "pubs", a grocery store and a "Dollar store". It is one of those places that the main road travelled through until a freeway was built. The interstate highway system surely changed the small towns in our great country. Some towns adapted and some sort of died out. Bellevue's name means beautiful view and there was a native American site on the river here through town. There is an old restored mill on a dam on the river. One of my friend's husbands grew up near the river and has a large collection of arrowheads made by native Americans. He found them on the river bank in his backyard.

The house I live in was built originally in the mid 1860's and added onto three times. You can see the hand hewn beams in the basement. Now I know in the UK there are homes and structures that go back much further than that, but that is all relative I guess. We are a much younger country.

Judy MI probably lives about 1 1/2 hours from me. I have not met her. She seems to be enjoying good health and I can't say I blame her for spending time enjoying her life again, so I have not been in touch with her for a bit.


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