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Thursdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

I was tired earlier on Wednesday,read a few pages of my current book the Battle of Kursk,drifted off to sleep about 9pm,well what do you know?,I have woken up again,rats,its just about 1.30am,and here I am wide awake,ready to take on another day,what to do? thinks I will check out LCSC,I was about to respond to Katies prompt,about what social events I have coming up in my calendar?,and I thought,no its Thursday in Scotland,so here I am.

I have been working at Motherwell Theatre during the day posting out thousands of fliers since last Thursday,its not challenging of course,its actually fun,mechanically filling envelopes at the same time chatting to two young women.task done today,next up, on duty at Airdrie Theatre on Friday evening,the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society are performing a review of all the big show numbers from popular musicals,last time they did this I was on stage with them,the group have'nt seem me since my dx in 2008,so its going to be fun meeting up with everyone again,maybe get an invite to join them onstage?LOL.

Whats on my social calander?next week is really busy,off to Birmingham for two days for the Roy Castle LC Foundation Annual Advocates Conference,then on Saturday outdoor bowling competition at 1pm also Morgan Lee Band in Glasgow at 4pm,still trying to figure out how I can attend both of them?,there is also the possibility of clashes in my schemes if the theatre is looking for me also.The following week 3 days in Birmingham,I suggested to CBN (cancer buddies network) how about a meet up?,what do you know? everybody wants to come,as well as folk from the UK attending, some are coming from Ireland and Spain.Gosh I have just noticed on my calender that event coincides with the Hikers and Bikers Cheque Presentation Gala night,its a great night out,with all the reps from many charities coming to accept their respective cheques and saying a few kind words to all the hikers and bikers,my photographs of the Millport trip is shown throughout the evening on a computer loop.I hate double bookings.

Hi Diane,Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandaughter,Autumn Rose,I really love the name,is'nt she just beautiful?,really nice the two boys have a wee sister to play with.

I have been following the Obama/Romney race for the White House on facebook,I really love the banter between the supporters of both parties,slagging each other off,I would have loved to have watched tonights(yours) broadcast of the face to face debate between both contenders,let me know how it went please.

Think its time for bed-again- goodnight everyone,bye.

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Eric, I forget that you are at the end of your day when we are just rubbing the sleep out of our eyes. I suppose by now you have been to yoga class, posted a few hundred letters, had lunch and a brew at a pub, walked in a 5K event for a lung cancer charity, and done some outdoor bowling. Whew! You must be exhausted!

You do keep really busy and it is so wonderful that you have such a zest for life. The ironic fact is that having cancer has given you the opportunity to have the time and incentive to do all these activities. Your enthusiasim for life brings such attention to the cause of lung cancer advocacy. And I for one appreciate it. I am sure many others do too! Even those crazy woman at the Bay City Rollers event that shared some kisses with you could not resist your charms!

I can't leave today without mentioning how much love and support I am sending out to our good friend Janet. I was up a couple hours last night, and could not get her out of my head. I wish I could do something more. All I can do is send love and hugs. Be here if she needs me. I hope today brings her a fresh perspective and the big armload of HOPE I am sending her way!

And on a lighter note Bailey is already been up for 3 hours and is taking his puppy nap on top of his rope toy!


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Bailey looks sooo cute asleep on his rope! I'm sure it's a wonderful book Eric - but I must admit the "Battle of Kursk" does sound like a good sleeping aid as well :)

I had missed Janet's post until today, and like everyone else I am thinking of her constantly and praying she will find the right path for her.

I am off to babysit Autumn Rose's older brothers this evening again - I have to admit I am really just pooped. Their maternal grandmother arrives tomorrow and I for one will be very happy to see her come and let her take over for a few weeks. Eric - I missed the debate because I was chasing the grandkids - but there will be two more I believe.

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