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eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Beautiful day in Scotland today,warm blue skies and sunny,apparently this weather is to continue well into next week.Last night on duty in Airdrie Theatre,there were two shows on,my former group the Airdrie and Coatbridge Amateur Operatic Society and a guy Called Glen somebody? apparently the lead singer with a group called Squeeze?,unfortunately I was given the Glen fellows performance to cover,so I missed meeting up with my former Opera buddies.The Glen guy was really good though,particularly on the acoustic guitar,I thought I had'nt heard of him until He started to play,yes,I knew many of his songs,he overran his time by at least 30 mins,my wee legs were getting tired standing for over three hours,oh well,I suppose thats what the job is about?.

Gosh I am really confused of late,I went down to the bowling club for my competition today to find it closed,the competition is next week as is the Morgan Lee bands gig in Glasgow,this dymensia can be a real pest at times.Instead,I went into Glasgow today,to visit my daughter,well actually more to see her boyfriend Chris,my laptop the other night just crashed about 17 times in one hour,the next night similar,so I took it with me for Chris to have a look at it,he discovered the fan has stopped working,so it was closing down due to overheating,he is ordering me a new fan,in the meantime a gave me a fan machine to place under my laptop to stop it overheating,unfortunatley,whilst on my laptop tonight it crashed and it would not reboot,so I am now on my netbook writing this post.

ABC tomorrow,then up to my wee sister Dot,and the grandkids Emma and Jack,plenty of fun and games.Birmingham on Tues and Wed,co-incidentally the Roy Castle org have booked us into the Crown Plaza NEC which is the same hotel I have booked into for next weeks meeting of the CBN,methinks I should extend my stay to meet up with the guys next week.

Thanks Susan for sharing the pics of the Autumn Trees,where would we be without trees?no timber or oxygen and of course their beauty all the year round,looking forward to seeing the wedding pics.

Hi Diane,Bet you are so looking forward to Autumn Roses homecoming,dont forget to send in more pics of the new arrival.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend everyone,bye for now.

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Hi Eric -- well the show last night sounds great. I love acoustic guitar - they can play pretty much anything. It is so much fun to read about your busy life. Susan, I loved your photos of the trees. Some years we get good color, and then other years as soon as the leaves start to turn we get a lot of rain and it knocks them all out. Last year was great - I'm hoping for a repeat this year. Our weather continues in the low 80s and so far no frost. We are still getting tomatoes, but they don't seem quite as good. Perhaps the plants get old ??? I am seeing lots of houses with pumpkins in front. October is such a busy month. Lots of family birthdays. Mine is the last - 10/29, and the onc scheduled my next scan for 10/30 with the results on Halloween --- hope that is a good sign :)

When I was young I used to love surprises - but not so much anymore. I want time to "prepare" for things. My kids know this and unfortunately I think they sometimes get a kick out of driving me up the wall. Got home after the week of chasing after the toddlers - was sitting down for the first quiet evening in days and the doorbell rang. It was another son, his girlfriend and all of their kids! :o Turned out OK though. The house was a wreck but I didn't have time to worry about it. They left earlier today to head over to the dunes at the coast. So it did turn out to be a nice surprise after all.

Good evening everyone.

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