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My Dad with Pancoast

Guest Argyris

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Hi to everyone!I'm so lost confused and hurt about my father.He had NSLC pancoast tumor at his left lung.He had big pain in his shoulder and drop left eye.He diagnosted 02-2012 with 9,5 and 7 cm tumor.PET CT show smal SUV and to liver then but the doctors said then that they are not sure if it was something like aimagioma or metastsasie.They start 4-2012 the chemotherapy cisplatin navelbine every month and navelbine in home every 15 days for six months.At 3 months we do CT scans and showed that only 1,5 around shrinking.They said that if going for radiation we help to shrinking the tumor.We do 30 radiation with 3d machine, parallel with other three chemo and 5 september we finished all.The pain in his shoulder is better but hurt.It was very difficult all these for my father and for us to live all this!We had to wait 2 month until doing new ct scans.Before 2 days 5-11-2012 we do ct scans and we have and good and bad news.The tumor now is 5 x 4 cm and the spot of something ? in liver grown from 1 to 2cm.We hope for something better and now we are so confused.The doctors said that they take it like it is metastasie and the protocol said more chemo maybe 4 to stable all these.The psychological issue for my father is very bad to know about liver so for time he don't know.He is very strong character but tired also.Is anyone out there with the same problems ? What can we wait? Thank you all!!!

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Hello . Yes Kasey and I are bothe Pancoast tumor survivors. I have an anniversary coming up next month. I was diagnosed in December 1997. After treatment I went back to work in 1998. Now my husband really thinks it is about time that I retire and go have fun with him.

Keep us posted, best wishes .

Donna G

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