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Tuesday's Air


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Looks like I'm the first one up today :) Woke up expecting to see snow outside but I guess it decided to go around us. Good thing because I'm in no hurry for it. High temp today is supposed to be 39 degrees :(

I put up a small fiber optic Christmas tree and a few other decorations yesterday. I kinda miss the great big tree and massive decorations I used to put up but times change right?

Anyone do any Cyber Monday shopping yesterday? I did a little but all the huge sales I thought would be out there actually weren't.

Have a good day everyone!

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Well, they said we would have snow today but it is only 37 and raining. I am on the shoreline though, so we tend to get rain more than snow, I am sure other parts of the state are getting it.

I am sitting here in my lovely heated infusion chair waiting for my medicine. There seems to be a problem with my protein level, so they are testing and re testing to decide whether I will even get my infusion today. Wish me luck! The hospital is crazy busy today, parking garage was full, my doctor was running over an hour behind schedule, waiting room was crowded, no seats in the cafeteria. Must be the holidays! The thought of having to do this all over tomorrow if my Doc says no today is disheartening!

Last night the Thoracic Oncology department put on a symposium for Lung Cancer Awareness month. It was well attended and so encouraging to hear about all the studies being done and all the treatments on the horizon. My Oncologist spoke about Immunotherapies and he had all these great, easy to understand graphics that made it not only understandable but fun. Oh, and the food was great!

I tried cyber shopping yesterday. I did do a little, the deals weren't there, except free shipping, but at least I got some things and didn't have to pay for gas or even get out of my pajamas! I was frustrated with the Gap though. They had 30% off and I wanted to buy my son shirts, but they only had about four shirts still available and they were in small and extra large. Everything else was "sold out".. miraculously, today they have every shirt they carry available. What a crock! I have done a little more shopping today, sitting in this infusion chair. Tomorrow I think I will try shopping in the "real world".

Eric's description of a Pantomine make them sound like a lot of fun, and kind of similar to a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Some how I just assumed Pantomimes were silent!

I hope you are all having good days.


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Well yesterday it was sunny and almost 60 -- but that is sure gone today. Not as cold as all of you, but very overcast and the air quality is awful (my lungs know right away unfortunately) -- am not sure how cold, but I'm guessing high 40s. We are supposed to be having a series of storms coming through -- so for us that means rain, but snow a little higher up in the mountains which will make the skiers happy.

I took a quick look through the emails I got for "deals" yesterday - but like all of you they seemed rather limp. Katie - I tried to order some turtlenecks from a company on line during a sale and had the same experience you did with the sizes and colors - so I called their customer service (I mean it was the first day of the sale so how could they be out of everything?) and they said they didn't know why none of the colors or sizes showed available because they were - so they put the order through for me. Next time you might try that -- but with the Gap I think you're right and it's probably a "crock".

I've been in a panic all day as I'm missing a bunch of business mail. It came on Friday when all the company was still here and I think it must have somehow gotten mixed up with all the stacks of sale ads and catalogs and gotten tossed - and the recycle truck came yesterday. I know some of the bills that were there and I can take care of those on line - but am really worried about what I don't remember, as well as whether or not there were any checks :( Haven't told Chuck yet - am not quite ready to face the "why weren't you more careful" lecture. It really isn't the end of the world - but it just makes me feel like I'm really losing it -- which I think I probably am but am not ready to admit it to most people just yet!

Happy Tuesday!

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I am at my oldest son'e house. I have been spending most of my time here. My daughter in law is the only one who doesn't work. I normally stay at my daughter's but all of them work and she is having marriage probems. I went there the night before Thanksgiving with the kids and my son in law. He invited me but I don't stay there when he is home. He works offshore so is home for days and nights and gone for the same amount of time. I spent the weekend there with my grandkids but they were all heading back to work on Monday. It is not the best situation. I love my daughter and need to maintain my relationship with her but she doesn't say much if I don't ask. I only learned what is going on from my grandson and granddaughter. It is rough on all of us but I guess that is life.

I did find out some good news. My grandson and his wife are expecting a baby. They have been married 2 years and were not sure if they could have a child. She has health issues.

The congestion in my head seems to finally be getting better. I have slept the last two nights without having those 2 hour coughing fits. Post nasal drip with reflux can really do a number on me. I think today I am at the point where most of the congestion is gone but the tickle in my throat will throw me into fits of uncontrolable coughing. I hate that but know it is a sign that the problem is getting better.

Yesterday I woke up to the rain and the sound of thunder. It rained off and on most of the morning but today the sun is coming out. Still pretty cool with a wind blowing. I know it is pretty cool and wet at home but so far that is all the rain sense I got here.

As for the shopping I do very little. The kids all seem to be satisfied by getting me for Christmas. :lol: After paying for my trip each year I can not afford much more.

Well Janet I hope all is going well and you get you chemo so you don't have to go back again. Saying prayers for you and all of the others who are dealing with LC every day.

Time of year tells me it is time to post in the grieving foram. I hope you all have a great day. Stay warm,dry and healthy.

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