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Hi, I'm the newbie Moderator, but you can call me Cindy.


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Hi y'all. My name is Cindy. I'm here to help in any way I can. I will be posting here, there and everywhere.

Here is a little about me:

I'm a happy Wife, & Mother of 2. I've always lived in Texas, I was born in San Antonio and was raised in Fort Worth. I'm a country girl and a city girl. Yes, it is possible. :) I enjoy being on the ranch and in a mall. I'm a tshirt and jeans type of gal. I enjoy spending time with my family. They mean the world to me. My hobbies are photography and crafting. Nice to meet you.


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I am also a new moderator. My name is Michelle and I joined Lungevity in 2009 when my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer.

I came here feeling so lost not knowing anything about this awful disease and what it was doing to my husband. Everyone here welcomed me with open arms and helped me more than I can ever say.

I know there are many who visit here and just read our posts and perhaps are hesitant to say much. Please feel free at anytime to share your experiences with us. We all care....truly we do.

My husband passed from his cancer in October 2009 and I have been doing the best I can to re-build my life.....whatever that means I guess. It's a long and difficult process but I will be happy again....I know I will.

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Hi Michelle. Nice to meet you. I was introduced to LUNGevity from a friend of one of my dearest friends (Esther) of over 25 years. She has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. I walked in her honor at this years LUNGevity walk. I've lost one of my perfect Grandfather's to pancreatic cancer, and I've lost a perfect Grandmother from lung and brain cancer. I still think of them daily and wish I could just pick up the phone and chat with them. I never knew I was wasting my time until I was introduced to this C-word. Now I am present in every moment, even it just small things like driving in the car with my kids.

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Husband. I'm sure he's happily looking down upon you knowing you are active in helping others who have encountered with cancer. By the sounds of it, sounds like he has a great wife.

Be well.


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