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Hi Steph,

I'm sorry to hear that you are sown... The fear and worry is difficult to handle and you do need support. As for that friend I wouldn't take it too personally y to keep the conversation light with her and you can vent with us... I sent you a PM but will need your email address....It is really har d for some to talk abiut cancer especially those who are afraid or just can't cope... Takecare of yourself you are(HUGS)

n ot alone... :wink:

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Excuse me? Where can you go? To the PM"s of course where mom can't read (sorry JudyB don't hurt me) or come back to chat and we won't let mom in. Haven't we been like your best friend in high school? Pour your heart out. And I loved Copenhagen when I was there, I'm jealous. Maybe I could come over and help get you settled? :lol:


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OR, Steph, get another screen identity, be a random "Mom has cancer" without a lot of detail and just ease back in without everyone knowing who your mother is... Then you can post about being scared, (may even end up with replies from your mom) and seek out the support you need..

Hey, you have my email address - drop me a line or give me a call...or drop me a line and I'll call you (new long distance server, for a while all long distance calls are "free").

Take care,


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