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LC on OKC news


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Lo and behold, the previews for the 10:00 nightly news here on the NBC affiliate here in Oklahoma City showed that there was a segment on a possible new treatment for lung cancer.

Having lived in Oklahoma for 3 years now and never seeing anything on the news to do with lung cancer, of course I had to watch. The report was on a Dr. Chen up at the University of Rochester in NY who has been treating inoperable lung cancer patients based on the time line of a lung cancer cell dividing and multiplying. I'm medically challenged so am hoping I am explaining this right... low dosage chemo is administered resulting in very few side effects and unaltered wbc and 5 hours later they do radiation. They interviewed one man who is NED but originally had an inoperable large tumor in his lung and on his heart. The percentage of people who have been helped this way was high, but of course that was the time that my son chose to burst into my bedroom and I missed the percentage number.

Was hoping to find more on the news station's website but of course it is not updated. Will check again tomorrow.

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Sooooooooo Cary.... I guess what your saying is maybe I need to READ your posts more often?? :lol::lol:

Or is it that Oklahoma is a bit behind in getting the news??? Anyway, here is the link from the KFOR website... I'm still impressed that THE news station in Oklahoma actually had a story on Lung Cancer....

http://www.kfor.com/Global/story.asp?S= ... v=6uyAKHLh

Pretty much the same thing Cary posted 6 weeks ago. Pretty interesting stuff!!


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Oh, I didn't realize they were the same stories at first. I thought we would be able to compare notes on the 2 different studies/treatments. It's pretty amazing that a news station even ran this story, maybe this is just the beginning of the recognition that Lung Cancer so much deserves. Debi you should feel proud to live in a location that is recognizing Lung Cancer, maybe the letters we all sent are making a difference. Keep us appraised of the situation/further developments in Oklahoma.


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The treatments John mentions are a great combination and produce some amazing results. The problem is trying to obtain these treatments for Lung cancer, that's the biggest hurdle. First you have to locate the info, then when you call and finally talk to a Oncologist who's performing a "cocktail" treatment, they are unwilling to perform the "cocktails" on lung cancer patients.( a "cocktail" is multiple treatments combined usually pretty non-toxic, as John described in his post above)

The only place I have heard of doing "cocktail" treatments for Lung Cancer is Block Medical(Illinois) - They also said they do diminished chemo( same as Metronomic ) and also Chronol Therapy - which is chemo. given thru an implanted pump based on the body's sarcadiam rhythms, That means that the chemo is given when it has its highest effect on the cancers cells and lowest effect on the good cells like nerve endings i.e.. neuropathy. ( I had read an article about an oncologist who was administering chemo to himself 24 hours a day at very low doses and it worked with no ill effects. So this sounds pretty good). Block Med. has said that you would have to go back and forth to every 3 -4 weeks to fill the pump up, which is the down side. The pump has been having good results.

There is a new oral taxane, IDN 5390, made by an Italian company - Indena. " This opens up the possibility of "metronomic " chemotherapy with IDN 5390, which put simply means smaller and less toxic doses over a longer treatment time. " Idena is currently upgrading their production facility to accommodate the increased demand that full scale clinical trials are going to produce. There isn't going to be any new trials with this promising new drug for at least 1-2 years


My dad has been basically doing a modified "cocktail" treatment since Dec 2002 and he's had really good results. He currently is doing "multiple anti-angiogenesis/Cox-2 therapies" but we have done the chemo and radiation part in the last year. I don't believe any single agent is going to cure cancer, in the long run you are going to be hearing more and more of combination therapies, that allow cancer to be managed as a chronic disease(like diabetes).


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