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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well its almost 1.30am here in Scotland,thought I would start the Tuesday Air.Festive season over,Christmas Tree and Decorations boxed and put away in the garage until next year.All my family and friends gloomily resetting those alarm clocks for getting up for the return to work,Tee Hee,not so for yours truely,although I dont lie in that late,got to be up and out for my gymming,swimming and yoga-ing by 9.30am.

Tuesday ,yoga-ing , swimming,steam room and jaccuzi then indoor bowling at 7pm tonight,gosh this retirement lark sure is hard work.Last Panto Friday last,back to being unemployed,there is'nt much on in theatreland January and February in Airdrie or Motherwell,maybe I should look for another wee part time job in the meantime,since I am supporting my daughter with her living expenses whilst doing her post grad in Secondary School Teaching-English and Drama(she is too busy studying to find a part time job)ho hum ,the joys of being a parent.

My diary for January is pretty thin,I have a SIGN committee meeting in Glasgow on the 15th,Lunch in the Training Restaurant in Anniesland College on the 18th and an invitation to another extended family gathering on the 26th to celebrate my great nieces 21st Birthday,that should be fun,I so enjoy these get togethers.

I am so looking forward to the spring,winter,with its short daylight hours just dont go down well with me,strangely though for the last week or so our temperatures are in the 50Fs plus,apparently this is due to winds coming up to us from Africa,wind direction to change shortly,but still to be mild since its to come from the South Atlantic,just praying it stays away from the North and East (Artic and Russia).Well the inks run a bit dry in my pen,bed calls,I will read for a wee while,started a new book,its really interesting,its about the discovery of a batch of letters found in Canada somewhere,whose contents have been edited into a book,its about a young English courting couple during the First World War,Vera (19) at the start of the war is a student at Cambridge,boyfriend Roland (23) joins up in the Army and is sent to the trenches in Belgium/France borders.Well Vera as the war progresses takes up a position as nurse to wounded soldiers sent home for care,both Vera and Roland continue to exchange letters of their daily lifes,really makes for interesting reading on a period of History I do not know much about.Goodnight everyone.

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