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Mother diagnosed. Scared!

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I am new to this site, so please pardon if I'm not in the right area for this subject.

My 54 year old mother was just diagnosed with stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer.

She's had COPD ever since I can remember, and has always had trouble breathing.

Well, recently her doctor had her get a CT scan because she was having pains on her upper left side. After reviewing the results, he found that she had a mass in her right lung.

A few days later she got referred to an Oncologist for further testing. When she went to see the Oncologist, he had her get a PET scan done to check and see if it was "active". Which that test came back that it was in fact "active". He called her up on the phone and told her it was cancer and that 2 more masses showed up on the results.

The Oncologist then sent her to get a needle biopsy done, because the cancer treatment place here wouldn't start treatment unless the had a biopsy first.

Well, the biopsy results showed it was stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer.

The Oncologist then told her that she had one mass on her right lung, and that it spread to a lymph node in the center of her chest (on the trachea).

No words on the supposed other mass, just those two I just mentioned above.

She starts chemo next Monday. One treatment, once every 3 weeks, for a total of 3 treatments for 9 weeks. They said she'd be there for 5 hours each time while receiving chemo through IV, I believe.

I guess I'm kind of in denial, because I can't process the fact that my mother has lung cancer!

I'm going through many emotions right now, and seeing these survival statistic on her type of lung cancer scares me even more!

I'm worrying myself sick, I feel as if a mental break down is pending. I don't want to lose my mother!

I came here in hopes of seeing success stories from people who's survived this type of lung cancer or people who have loved ones who have.

I don't really have anyone to talk to that understands.

I'm trying to be positive and optimistic, but I'm failing horribly.

Please forgive me if my sentences run together, or if some things doesn't seem to make much sense, I'm trying to be calm, but this fear is taking over to where I can't concentrate very well.

I love my mom with all my heart and it kills me to think she doesn't have much time left here. :cry:

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Everyone in this site has been in the same situation as you right now... We have all gone through that emotional stage of everything being thrown at us.. both Fighter and caregiver.. This is the freakout and be scared part of it .. Once the treatments tart you get into a we have to be brave and fight like hell and pray for these treatments to work mode... then when test time comes you go through the apprehension mode and the what if scanxiety and you find out things are working and you get to a happy place for a while... It is a roller coaster ride. your sitting in the seat next to your loved one not knowing when it starts but knowing anytime it will start then when it starts moving it gets a little easier to deal with because you can see ahead of you wheat is coming...

Right now take a look at the good news and inspirational forums and in that order. read a few success stories here of many of our friends who are on the same roller coaster with their loved ones... your not alone there are a lot of people on the ride with you!!



Keep us posted please many check in and are here all different times of the day... Hugs and prayers to you ... Hang in there..

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I completely concur with Randy here. We understand as caregivers exactly how you're feeling. Please try not to look ahead too far until you get more information from your mom's doctors. I also agree that reading further on this board from other members you will find a great deal of support.

Please come back often and let us know how things are going. We ALL care....you are not alone ((hugs))

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well stick around and ask away as far as questions go. we can answer lots about treatments and side effects and things like that and all kinds of info.. take a look through the Nutritional forum and healthy recipes sometime...glad to help and always willing so... :mrgreen:

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