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Tuesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Evening Everyone,

Its almost time for me to attach this post into Wednesdays Air,woke up this morning early to discover 4 inches of snow outside,had to spend some time to clear the drive and car,no gym today,9.30am visit to Monklands Hospital,its my six monthly check up time,we dont do CT scan follow ups here,Docs are satisfied with a chest x-ray,good news is I was given the all clear,thats now 4 1/2 years post dx,six months to my last check up,then hopefully LC is History,nice dream is'nt it?well my buddy Robert celebrates his 20th year of surviving SCLC and NSCLC.I will see Robert tomorrow at the Stobhill Hospital Lung Cancer Support Group meeting,the Marie Curie organisation have recently opened their new building within Stobhill and we have been provided with accommodation within it,its all very plush,a good improvement to our previous room provided in the old building of Stopbhill.

Not long home from the indoor bowling,this is the second Tuesday in a row we have beat the other teams,wonder if we can still win the league?(no chance).We had live coverage of the super bowl on BBC TV the other night,I did start to watch the game, though I have to admit I have'nt the foggiest idea of what was going on,the coverage started at midnight,I did try to stay up to watch the entire game but my eyes had other ideas,I nodded off,woke a bit later, then off to bed.I was a bit disappointed at the 49 ers losing I had decided thats the team for me to support since I was born in 1949.Och well theres always next year.

I dont know if your media covered this story about a skeleton that was dug up from under a council car park,this happened some weeks ago,I remember some bright spark of a archaeologist saying it had striking similarities to the physical description of the deformities of King Richard 111 the last of the Plantagenet Monarchs,he died in 1485 in the Battle of the Roses.Well I scoffed at the idea of anyone being able to confirm this possibilty,I scoff no more,a male and a female decendant was traced back to Richard,samples of their DNA were taken along with Richards taken from his skeleton and all three samples of the DNAs were shown on TV,amazingly all 3 matched,what a conclusion,the skull was reconstructed to include muscle,tissue and skin to reveal his actual likeness,real handsome guy he was too,would you believe theres now an argument brewing over where he should be formally buried,some want Westminster Abbey in London,since Richard was a Yorkshireman,their council want him interred in Yorkminster,wonder who will win?.

Time for bed,goodnight everyone hope you are having a good day,bye.

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