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Saturday's Air

Janet B

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Thought I would poke my head out of the snow and say good morning!

We seem to have survived the blizzard here in CT. It is hard to tell how much snow fell because the wind was so strong there are huge drifts. We live on the shore so we don't usually get much, but I think we got between 18-24 inches. It was blown up against the front door to about three feet! Oh, and I can just make out my VW bug! I know it is under there somewhere! Thankfully we have heat and power, so I think I will just hunker in and enjoy the beauty of it all!

We live on a private road, so we don't get plowed out, we will be here a while!

Hope you are all having peaceful weekend.


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Janet.....I'm certainly glad you don't have to go out into all that snow. I'm still a Calif city girl and I'm not used to snow. We've had some here in Illinois yes, but nothing like what you have. I'm terrified at the idea of driving in it, plus people are always telling me about black ice and the danger of that! We have two deep freezers in the garage with lot's of food in case something like that should happen here.

Today is Russ's Birthday so yesterday I put a cake in the oven and he kept commenting on how good it smelled. When I took it out to cool before finishing ( making it a poke cake with vanilla pudding) he says to me.....nothing like a slice of warm cake ya know......well, needless to say I was only able to finish half of a cake! lol

He is going out to his parents today for supper so I won't have to cook I hope. I don't enjoy going to his parents too much because his dad loves to challenge people and argue. Always has to be "right". I'm not used to being around people who raise their voices and argue so I'm gonna stay home and play on the computer :) Nice and quiet....yummmm

Well, hope everyone has a nice day and stay warm :)

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Wow Janet, 18-24 inches of snow is alot. Hope you have some tv watching to catch up on. Northern Nebraska is suppossed to get 10-12 inches tonight but nothing for my area. It has been so dry here the last few years that even a heavy snow would be welcome. I bet you do miss your California weather Michelle. Im not a big city person myself. I see where Reg Presley passed away from lung cancer.How many of you remember the Troggs?(Wild Thing and Love is all around.) Another bit of my youth gone. I wonder if by losing people a little at a time helps us deal with it when our own time comes. I dont post much anymore and it makes me feel guilty. This site was so very very helpful to me when I was diagnosed.You all have a nice weekend!

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