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Friday's Air

Janet B

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Happy Friday everyone!!

Well, I went to bed and the grass was green, but I woke up to 7 inches of snow, and it is still falling! I have to say, it is beautiful, like a little last minute gift from God! Of course, it is beautiful as long as I have no where to go and we don't lose power! They are saying we will have a sunny weekend in the mid forties, so hopefully this is the last hurrah!

I called the farm this morning to tell them I wasn't feeling well enough to go and they said they had cancelled the Tiny Trotters program today anyway, it seems they got over a foot of snow there!

Hopefully my bird cage will arrive today, I want to start calling around to find a bird as soon as it does. Meanwhile I have been spending way too much time on you tube watching Cockatiel videos!

Well, back to work on the closets, seems like a good day for it, then maybe a butted popcorn and beer break this afternoon! Gosh knows I am not going out in that cold to the grocery store, so I think it will be leftovers for dinner tonight!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Peace, Janet

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Janet the snow does sound kind of nice - as long as you can stay inside where it's warm. I wish we'd get a little more snow just because it's so pretty - but most of the snow hits the hills around the valley and down here on the valley floor we just get the drizzles. If we do get an inch or two, it melts in a few hours.

Michelle, don't give up on Sampson - he'll get it - he's a smart dog. I had the same problem with one of my dogs, and a dog trainer finally convinced me to put her in a crate at night. As I remember I also had to take away her water around 7:30 or 8:00. The trainer said that if she drank too much water and had to pee in the middle of the night, it would wake her up and then she would not be able to hold it until morning - therefore the accidents. The worst part was I had to set my alarm for around 4 AM to get up and take her out, and stay out with her until she was done (not fun when it's cold and raining)! I have to admit it worked great and only took about a week. But even during the day she never really "tells" you she needs to go, so I just have to pay attention and if I noticed her sitting near the door I let her out. The drawback to that is that she also likes to sit at the door and watch the birds - so I spend a lot of time running back and forth opening the door for her only to have her just sit there and look at me :( The same trainer told me I could teach her to ring a bell when she needs to go out - but I just never took the time to do that - seemed way too difficult.

Katie, it sure had been nice without all the spammers. I think anything that helps make your job easier is a great thing!!

We don't have much planned for the weekend. My grandkids are all sick so I have to stay away. Hopefully the laundry room project will move along a bit - am glad to know I'm not the only one living with "Tim the tool man" :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Good afternoon everyone! It's still cold today but at least there isn't any snow. Hope it's finally over since I hear we will have temps in the mid 50's this week end.

Diane...thanks for the advice on Sampson. Can't take the water away though since we also have an inside cat. He would go totally insane with me if there wasn't any water at night and I enjoy my sleep.

Janet....I can't wait to hear about your bird adventures when it arrives. Have you decided on male or female? My son had a female and boy was she mean!

Got some sad news about some friends of ours. They are the sweetest couple and have only been married about 2 yrs. (second time around for both of them). Apparently they have decided to divorce. It saddens me because I know they really love each other. What ever happened to the old days when people stuck it out, huh? But, as they say, you never know what goes on between two people. I'm just sad over the whole thing :( Say some prayers for my friends please?

Not much cooking happening here today. I've decided to take it easy and just fix simple things. The idea of a cold beer sounds good too, but much later. If I did that now I would be asleep in no time. LOL

Have a great day my friends :)

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We DID train our dog with a bell! I do remember that part (plus we did crate him during the night). What we did was tie a cow bell to the back door knob and everytime the dog went out, we rang the bell. Then, everytime the dog had an accident, we threw the accident, or wet paper towels if it was pee, out the door and put the dog out at the same time, ringing the bell. He got really good at ringing the bell with his nose when he needed to go, problem was, he also learned that he got our attention when he rang the bell, so he took to just ringing it when he was bored! We finally had to take it away, so now, 12 1/2 years later, he still tells us he needs to go out by hitting the doorknob with his nose!

I really want a male bird, they tend to be more vocal, and cuter. The problem is that I want a young one also and you can't tell their sex when they are young without pricey DNA testing. So, I may end up with an older bird that has at least been tamed a little bit. There is a pound about 1 1/2 hours away that has two, if they are still there in the morning, I think we might drive out.

Michele, I think the same thing about marriage all the time. I have been married for 31 years, and it has not been easy but it is SO worth the effort it takes and people seem to have forgotten that.

Diane, my husband promises that the bathroom will be completed this weekend! Of course I do not believe him, he is forgetting the baseboard. We still have to buy it and paint it. He built this house 24 years ago and most of the rooms still don't have all their baseboard!

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You girls are all talking about dog training. Our dog trained the wife and I very well, it seems he gets us to do whatever he wants without saying a word. I think we got things backwards. Janet, Im so happy you are getting a bird but just a note of caution, most birds have a lot of dander and powder like stuff on their wings which arent a healthy combination for people like you and me with one lung or breathing problems. Hopefully your bird will enjoy taking a small bird bath a couple times a week in a large bowl. We had a little hand raised white homing pigeon that used to stay in the house with us and followed us everywhere we went. When we moved he got out of the house and Im sure he got lost. I hope it found a wild flock to fit in with. Have a nice weekend everyone.


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Mike - loved the picture. It is easy to see whose the boss at your house!

Janet - my husband's off to the hardware store yet again and he is also insisting the laundry room will be done this weekend. Maybe??? . . . but he's not mentioned the baseboard either, and he hasn't even purchased a countertop, still has to finish the floor, paint the rest of the room (and I think he's cheating by skipping the ceiling), and change out a couple of electrical sockets (that's one thing I really wish he'd leave to an expert). Looking for your bird sounds like so much more fun!

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Wow all of the pet talk makes me feel like a real bore. Not much going on here. I still have to be down with my foot up at least until Monday when I get the bandages off and the stitches out. Not easy for me to be down and up only for the bathroom. Still the pain makes me obey doctors orders. Just when I first put the foot down the pain is really bad then the first step. After that it eases up but I do walk stiff legged because the bandage won't let me bend my ankle. Never had pain with my face but then I never had to put my weight on my face to get up :lol::lol:

I have been getting a lot of visits from my neighbors and having a good visit with my friend Lynda who is staying with me until I am back on my feet. She really is taking care of me and catching up on some of the housework that I have had to let go for a while. This is all a new experience to me. I am used to being the one taking care of everyone.

After a few showers a couple of days ago it has turned beautiful here again. Got to say I sure love this weather in Northern California just hope we don't end up with too much of a rain deficet this year.

Well I have a good mystery/ghost story waiting for me to get back to it. Hope eveyone is staying warm, healthy and safe.

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