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SCLC survival - 6 Years & counting!!


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Hi everyone, it's been a looooong time since I've been on this board but I have not forgotten the help and support I received here. My update on my mum is long overdue so apologies but we have been off enjoying things. Mum continues to amaze her doctors and also us. She is still a little unsteady and gets out of breath easily BUT she is still here and enjoying life. I can't have imagined this when she was first diagnosed and the doc gave her 'weeks' as the prognosis. I hope this gives you and your loved ones some real hope and my message is never give up! That's not to say the journey has been easy as there have been many ups and downs. I wish you all lots of luck on your own journeys and hope to see more and more longer term survivors of SCLC. God bless xxx

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Hi nomadawn,

Welcome home,thank you for sharing your Mums progress,nothing like a good news story to give encouragement to everyone here.

Best Wishes to your Mum and all your family,from a wee Jock, North of the Border.

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Hello nomadawn,

Your news are so encouraging! Thank you so much for your information...6 years is just perfect after so much you have been through! I know how difficult it is to support your beloved persons in this battle. I wish you all the best!! Keep walking!!!

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I was recently dx with SCLC stage 111b .  Have taken 3 sets of chemo...getting ready this next week to go for the 4th.  Then another pet scan in 3 more weeks.  The first 2 chemo showed a decrease in the size of the tumor. 


 Thank You for posting your great news.  I needed to read i

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