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Not diagnosed, but...


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I'm hoping this intro will all be for nothing come june, but then....well, there's just that elephant sitting here next to me that won't shrink down today.

I am an ex-smoker, and am a 5 1/2 year survivor of breast cancer. My father died of Lung Cancer at 64 y/y. Last Oct b/c of a COPD dx, they did a ct scan. Came up with an incidental adrenal nodule of 1.4X 1.7cm and more troubling a 3 mm nodule in the ULL of my lung. When I talked to the pulm dr, I had to insist on another ct, earlier than a year away, b/c as I remember, my fathers was found at the size of a pea and after 5 long years, lost his battle. He decided to give in at 4 months.

Feb Ct was without Contrast, not sure why he did that one differently, but it appears to have shown more nodules. The ULL has grown in 134 days to 7 mm, and there are now several more. One LRL is at 6mm, and several apparently along a line on both the right and left midline. I'm wondering if these might be from flu I had in january that caused me to seek ER tx one weekend. The adrenal nodule is not mentioned.

Received a call from the pulm docs office ladies, telling me they are going to reschedule another CT with contrast in June. So................ I wait and ponder my life and my doctors sense and that's about all my mind can handle. Not to mention trying to continue a family life, work and well, life...

So...that's me, playing the waiting game till june and reading about all you wonderfully supportive people who help others through this mess, hoping I can gleam a little insight for my own situation.

If you are still reading, thanks~

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don't sit and wonder ... Get out and do things and think positive... think B9 all the way and live life. dont let the worry and the cancer win and take over... Hoping it is nothing at all ..

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Thanks all, just not much to say till june test I suppose....I seem to go from dealing and almost forgetting to points of sudden fear it's happening again. I hate the waiting as you all have experienced, it's the worse of it all I think sometimes...at least if I knew, I could research, or have a plan or something else, besides 'not knowing' :(

Thanks again~

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