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Wednesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well it is here in Bonnie Scotland,almost one am to be precise,I did think of adding to one of the two Tuesday strings,no, we will go along with BST (British Summer Time).

I have been so busy recently,usual stuff mostly,not long home front my front of house duties,its dance season,all the local dance clubs have been showcasing their kids in stage performances,who would believe there are so many dance schools in my neck of the woods?,I was also covering these last Saturday and Sunday,boy there's only so much dancing I can bear,think Saturday next is my last dance show.

Monday all day I attended the SIGN group meeting in Glasgow,we have produced a draft report on The Management of Patients with Lung Cancer,this report has been circulated for peer review,having been sent to many prominent consultants and other health professionals in the Lung Cancer field including some Multi-National Drug Companies.The meeting was to collate the peer review returns and discuss the validity of these comments in possibly reshaping our draft version,this process of course could'nt be completed in our alloted day,so this work will continue for some time yet,SIGN hope to have the project complete and published by October.I have been asked to work on the developement of a version of this report aimed at lung cancer patients,to help ensure the issues included are comprehensive,relevant and written in plain language that a layperson can understand,I do feel so privileged in being involved in such a worthwhile project.

Coming up this week,well gymming,swimming and yoga-ing of course,I have a funeral on Thursday,my BIL's mother died last week,so its church service,off to the burial,then lunch in the Eagle Lodge in Bishopbriggs.Friday,its Eric and all the lovely ladies again,its the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Dream Walk through Glasgow,hundreds of women will walk a circular course from the Winter Gardens at Glasgow Green along the south bank of the River Clyde,crossing over at the Squinty Bridge to the north bank and back to Glasgow Green.I along with some other male friends are acting as stewards,to ensure the ladies are not bothered with passing riff raff or drunks,we also have a good police escort,closing off the traffic to allow us to cross at road junctions safely,the walk raises thousands of pounds for lung cancer.I will of course be taking my camera to record the event,so stand by to be bored if I post these into the members photo album.

Thank you all for your sympathetic and supporting comments regarding my domestic situation,at my sister Dots suggestion,I completed application forms for rented accommodation in her area in Glasgow,Dot just happens to be a long term member of the housing committee there,she did of course make my application known to the committee to ensure there would be no conflict of interests.My priority however is trying to get Sally's housing needs resolved,methinks this whole process is going to take some time,but I will get there one step at a time.

Time for bed,goodnight everyone,bye.

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Good morning Eric and everyone else. Eric I am glad that you are keeping busy and getting things in order. Circumstances may be different but any divorce or separation is always hard but much worse when it is a long term marriage that is ending. I hope all goes well in the housing situation.

Sorry that I have been gone for a while but as you all know I have been pretty busy. Our party was a great success. All comments have been that it was the best we ever had here. It was a very long day that left me exhausted and sore but very pleased. The next day was pokeno and wii bowling and I couldn't skip them because I am comited to them and have taken my plan to change many dates and times and ran with it. Yesterday at our council meeting I got the approval of all the other mem

bers to make everything during the day time and to space it out over a number of days. My mind is already working on both our indoor yard sale and Barn Dance party in October. Next year? why beads, sandals and peace signs! What else but the 60s? Already thinking and getting ideas!

We decided yesterday on a pancake breakfast for the 4th and later our monthly activity will be a picnic. If the weather permits the picnic will be in the lovely place we go to in the park at the river's edge. If it is too hot we will do it inside here with indoor games.

I have been trying to exercise and walk some each day but with the rain the past few days my routine has suffered. Went for a short walk part way up the hill this morning but it is humid and that makes it really hard. Thinking about you Alan you should try a dryer climate for a few days. Even as hot as it gets it doesn't take the toll on your body that the humidity does. Any way on my short walk I saw 2 different quail families and a mama duck leading about 6 babies across the street. Any wonder that I love where I live? Now I have only and hour before we meet to make cards. We try to keep residents in our thoughts with cards when ill or when new ones come. I want to go to the fruit stand on the corner and buy some kind of fresh fruit before I get busy. I haven't had any in a couple of days and I am having withdrawal symptoms!!

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