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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just a wee update on my homefront,I was still waiting for one of my ISAs to arrive in my account to contribute towards paying for Sally's new flat yesterday,Wednesday was the final day the company said the money would be in my account,no joy,now beginning to get a bit concerned,however the monies did arrive on Thursday,yeah,transferred all monies required to my solicitor,house became mine,Sally got to see it at last on Friday,she loves it.So we went on a spending spree for new furniture,two,three seater sofas,kitchen table and chairs,double bed and mattress,tv unit and coffee table in walnut,to match with each other,gosh lots of smaller items,hoover,cutlery,microwave,ironing board,etc,a friend is donating a kettle,toaster and an iron to Sally's pot.Still lots of other things to get yet,its amazing just what you need for a new home.

Sally is apprehensive about to whole thing,one minute,looking forward to the move,saying it will be good for the both of us,the next,the feeling that she is being abandoned,and I had made a vow to her many years ago,about sickness and in health,you know the one.Does make me feel a bit guilty,but I really need this change,for my own happiness,22 years supporting a alcoholic,think I deserve a break.Due to delivery dates for the larger items of furniture,Sally wont be moving out until the 18th of September,we time we have been since up the the flat depositing bits and bobs Sally says she is beginning to feel at home there,so I guess thats a good sign.I have been successful in my application for carers allowance in continuing to support Sally,its almost £60/week,that with her small pension and disability allowance,takes her monthly "pay" up to £840/month,think without rent/mortgage,she should be quite comfortable money wise.I still am in the process of claiming employment support allowance,so if successful she will get a further boost to her income.

Well thats about all my savings gone save a couple of grand,but it has been worth it,thats two houses for my daughter to inherit,when we pass on,I am going to change my will to leave my house to my daughter rather than Sally,as it is possible Sally will end up in a nursing home,I dont want the government to take all Sally's assets to pay for her care.

Enjoy the weekend everyone bye.

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