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Fridays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just found a bit of time in my day that I can relax,and enjoy sharing a post with you.First I would like to say a special hello and best wishes to our dear LCSC friend,Janet,I do miss your posts here of late,hoping you are feeling stronger and better.

I have been busy of late,preparing for Sallys move to her new home,she will move in on the 12th of September.I have been setting up accounts for the paying of her utility bills,central heating and appliances maintenance,I have also applied for a council tax discount for her,this is a tax on our domestic dwellings,to pay for public services,you may know it as property tax?.All her new furniture has been arriving,still some to come,but at least the spending money part is now just about over,I think LOL.The house is looking beautiful,think I should move in myself and leave Sally in Sutherland Drive.I think it will be strange for a while for both of us,living alone,at least Sally seems quite happy now about the move,mind you, its still early days.

I was invited by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation to man a stall last Sunday at the Robert Owens Mills in New Lanark,along with young Kate.It turned out to be a brilliant day,with regards to the weather and the event.Robert Owen,well its a long story,so briefly,he started a social experiment in the early 19th Century,he bought a hugh Mill,for the weaving of a range of textiles,powered by watermills run on the River Clyde.In those days,the working conditions for the employees were dreadful,young children and adults working long hours,for little pay,the looms were not guarded properly,and there were many accidents in the workplace.Robert was a benevolent employer,who took a holistic view of his employees lives in his employ,he provided them with homes which were well built,doctors and a surgery to look after the sick,schools for the children,provided recreational time for all his employees to enjoy,in short he was a really enlightened and benevolent person.The site today is still a fully operational mill producing quality woolen garments that are exported all over the world.Since I was manning the stall,I did'nt get around properly to take pics,to share with you,however I did pay for a ticket to view a couple of the houses the workers lived in and a shop,one house,was furnished as for 1840,moving onto the next house,which was of the 1930s,and the shop stocked with goods,so of which I could recall from my childhood.I mentioned to the ticket sales lady,I would have loved to explore more of the site,but lacked the time,she said the ticket you buy is for life,you can return any number of times in the future,hows that for a good idea?.I will return soon,to get my pics.

Standing at my stall,a well dressed-but casually-gentleman approached me with a wide smile and said,hello I am Allistair MacDonald,pleased to meet you,as he shook my hand,Allistair,there was no need for your introduction,I replied,I know well who you are,Allistiar just happens to be one of Scotlands best known and loved folk singers,he was here at the Gala day to provide the music.Allistair,I said,I have actually been on stage with you,I was a member of a small concert party performing in the Motherwell Theatre,when our session was complete,we stayed on stage as your backing group.Allistair used to appear for years on prime time TV on a Saturday Evening with a fellow singer Peter Morrison in to programme called Songs of Scotland.Allistair was even more amused,when I told him some weeks after appearing with him,I had the pleasure of appearing onstage in similar circumstances,with his old buddy Peter Morrison.I told Allistair all about my cancer journey and the work done by LUNGevity and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,think he was really impressed,so much so he later returned to my stall and said,Eric,if the Roy Castle org are interested in putting on an event in the future I will be happy to come along and perform for you.What a great guy,I did get several pics taken with him,which I will share with you shortly in the Members Photo Album.

Tomorrow,I have been invited to a outdoor lawn bowling championship at my club,I am the official photographer,I have to take my pics to the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser my big chance for fame LOL.Hope the weather remains sunny and warm.

Think I have bored you long enough for one day,so bye for now,enjoy the weekend.

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