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Fridays Air

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Well Autumn has certainly arrived here in Scotland,the forests are looking so beautiful with their variety of colours,times like these I so appreciate living in such a beautiful country.Weather has also got a lot milder,I am now back to wearing my polo shirts outdoors,this cannot last,so enjoy the moment.

So good to have visits here from old friends,Dianne,Mike and Bruce at my last post.Bruce how about a wee update on your life on the farm,I have missed your farm tales so much.

Sally is still here with me at Sutherland Drive,her furniture will now arrive at her new home next Friday(well I wont be holding my breath),as compensation for the delays,Argos are offering me,vouchers to the value of 10% of my order,my daughter thinks I should hold out for cash instead.

Well fame at last with my photography hobby,the Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser have giving me a full page spread with credits of the photographs I took of the Monklands Bowling Association Finals at my bowling club a couple of weeks ago,so I have a dozen of my pics published,the sports editor phoned me to compliment me on their quality,were as good as he could have taken.My head is now so big,I keep bumping it on door lintils.

The big party looms,next Saturday,you are all invited of course,plenty of eats,music and dancing ,methinks there might be a wee drop o' the amber nectar being taken too.I am so looking forward to having all my family and friends to share what I know will be a great night out.My LC dx has certainly reinforced my feelings that the most important things in life is'nt big houses and cars,oodles of money in the bank,its simply having good friends around you.

Time to go everyone,if you dont usually post here,why not take the plunge? I would so love to read about your lives and whats happening in your local area.Bye for now.

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Hey Eric

Great to see the air opened today.

Life is still good on the farm Eric. i sold all the cattle when it got to feeling more like a job that a hobby. I kept the horse and 2 Llama's and I'm getting a 6 month old colt next week. That will keep me busy trying to train him....or him training me. LOL

So you are a big time photographer now ? Man of many talents. Great to see you are keeping busy and just enjoying life.

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