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Tuesday Air

Bruce u

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Hey folks

Well it is a dreary,rainly old day here. Only +1c so it is bordering on the white stuff. We would use an old saying and call this a mausy old day. Too wet to do anything outside so guess I will have to do some work.

Diane I haven't heard of any lighthouses back my way that were used as final resting places, at least not official resting places. LOL

Where are all the regulars ? Not even Randy or Katie around. Lots of viewers so maybe someone will chime in.

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Bruce, I have never heard the term mausey old day, so looked it up . . .

"Definition according to the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

mauzy a also maus(e)y, mawzy [phonetics unavailable]. Cp EDD mosey adj1 3 'damp and warm, muggy, close; foggy.' Of the weather, damp, foggy, misty or close, sometimes with very light rain or condensation on objects and a cool, gentle wind off the sea; cp CAPLIN (SCULL) WEATHER."

Think we're going to have a mausey old day here as well - but without the "gentle wind off the sea" :(

Not sure where everyone is - I keep hoping.

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LOL Diane I didn't even know there was a dictionary of Newfoundland English. I know the rest of Canada does think that Newfoundland has it's own language !!!

I think mauzy is an old English word. Maybe Eric is familiar with it.

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Good Morning Bruce and Dianne,Its absolutely brill to see friends posting here again and what a great topic to discuss too. "Mauzy",an old English word?,well I am sure it is,however I just happen to be a dyed in the wool Scot and we have our own vocabulary,our word by comparision is "Driech" which like so many old Scottish words have a wonderful character and are much more expressive than their English counterparts.Other words like Scunnered,Clipe,Nyaff and Eejit spring to my mind,there are thousands of others too.My sister gave me a present a couple of years ago of a Scottish dictionary,which lay about the desk I am working on,can I find it? to share with you some further words,where did I put it?.

It is Wednesday here, 8am,I woke up a 6am,could'nt sleep,so I just came online to browse facebook and here to pass some time.I will head out to my gym about 9.30am,other than that a fairly quiet day ahead.

First signs of winter for you Bruce?,our weather for this time of the year is much warmer than usual,days getting shorter,sigh.Theres a new Scottish Film just out called "Sunshine on Leith" which is getting some good reviews here,think its the Scottish equivilent of "Mama Mia",only with a soundtrack of the Proclaimers,Leith is the dock area of Edinburgh,quite scenic,so I guess this film will also promote Scottish tourism .Mid term School holidays start on Friday,so my daughter is on holiday next week, we have arranged to go out on a foursome with her and Chris on Wednesday next for a meal and see Sunshine on Leith,not sure in which order,LOL.

Busy weekend,hopefully Sally's furniture will arrive on Friday,my party on Saturday,please feel free to join me.

Time to go,breakfast time,enjoy the rest of the day,bye.

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I have just discovered a web site of a Scottish Dictionary called First Foot.com its got some stoatirs of words there,ye might like to look up,fur a wee laugh.

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