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Thursday's Air.

eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

Beautiful sunny Autumn day here in Scotland,hope the weather is fine where you are.

I tried several times to post last night all I got was a message "the connection is timed out",so here I am instead.I had lunch today with my gym buddies at the Admiral in Glasgow,lovely pub,friendly and atmospheric,food is super,particularly the piri-piri chicken.Took Sally out shopping this afternoon,getting some new clothes incl a new top for Saturdays party,glad to say this did'nt take the usual hours it normally does.Indoor bowling to-night (not the ten pin game),I play in a team of four against another team of four,its a league which finishes next April,we usually finish at the bottom,maybe this year will be different,dont hold your breath.

I am still doing my front of house job,just been asked to cover a show in Motherwell Theatre on Sunday Evening,I dont have clue whats on,so hopefully something I can enjoy.My next shows are'nt until the 23rd and 24th of Oct.I did claim the government for carers allowance for Sally since I will continue to look after her when we split up,they have given me £238/month provided I dont earn anything over £100/week,thankfully its only earnings they take into account they ignore pensions.

Thanks Bruce for the laugh about your embarrassing moment with the door,yes you are right about the song 500 miles, they also had another big hit here with a song called a "Letter from America",the Proclaimers were a bit different from other Scottish singers in that they did'nt dampen down their broad East of Scotland accents.Course Scottish accents are not exactly welcomed by the record buying public in the UK,so top marks to them for not giving two hoots if their accents reduced sales.

Hi Dianne,good on you taking the time to look up First Foot.com do you know what a first foot is in Scotland?.Anyway I digress, re "Corbies and Clergy is Kittle Shot",I presume you meant this to read as a short sentence or quote?,if thats the case I have'nt a clue what it means,I can tell you though, that a Corbie is another word meaning Raven or Crow and the Clergy means any ordained person in the Protestant Churches in the UK.I have never heard of Kittle shot before,I cannot even find it in google,I will ask around my friends though.

Time to go,enjoy the rest of Thursday everyone,bye.

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