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Technically it's still Thursday here - but figured it's close enough and it is Friday somewhere.

Eric – sure enjoyed the tales of Halloween in Scotland. It seems to me the Scots really know how to party! Had no idea it began there, and certainly does seem more civilized than our “trick or treat”. It would be so much fun to watch them all sing or recite poetry – but thank heavens I didn’t have to do that, it would have been awful and excrutiating for everyone :wink: and for sure wouldn’t hold a candle to 14 verses of Good Rock Candy Mountain! LOL Otherwise it seems like your Halloween was/is pretty much the same here. My friends and I always had the most fun coming up with our costumes – nothing store bought except maybe some fake blood. We lived in a suburb of a large city, but it was still so safe that we stayed out late running all over and filling up regular size grocery bags with BIG candy bars – not the little mini bars we have today. A few people made their treats – candy apples and caramel popcorn balls – but of course today you wouldn’t dare and no one would allow their child to eat it anyway. I still have a popcorn ball that is now 55 years old (came from my boyfriend’s house – of course he had no clue he was my boyfriend as at 10 he probably still hated girls – but I thought he was so I kept the popcorn ball). Still out in the garage along with all sorts of other really important items. Last time I came across it the ball was still in pretty good shape, wrapped in saran wrap – but now I’m thinking I should get rid of it before one of my grandkids finds it and thinks it might be good to eat. :shock: We never did play any tricks on anyone - too tired from lugging our big bags of candy. I enjoy seeing the kids – especially the small ones, but I don’t even mind the older ones as long as they are polite and have a costume of some kind. Would rather they come trick or treating than getting into some of the other mischief they might find to get into. We are going to carve pumpkins with our youngest grandkids next week and I’m probably looking forward to it more than they are. Then we’re going to a local pumpkin farm where they have a maze, and animals to pet, face painting and all that good stuff!!

Bruce, we lived in the country for a few years. First year we were there I bought candy "just in case" , but not a soul came - way too dark and spooky out there! We had to eat the candy ourselves :D

Anyone lurking out there, please stop in and say hi. What are your Halloween plans?

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Diane I know what you mean with parents not letting their kids eat home made treats anymore. Too many horror stories. You may not have played tricks but for me that was the favorite part, even if we did get a treat ! Not vanadalism or anything. Just like taking a gate off hinges or moving lawn ornaments around, etc.

Eric I think you guy's just enjoyed making kids work for their treats. If I had to sing or recite poetry I would have died of starvation. LOL

In Newfoundland we had a tradition at Christmas time called Mummering. Similar to Haloween but adults dressed up and went house to house. They wore mask and costumes and would be invited into the house. Whoever was in the house had to guess the identity of the visitors. Of course everyone enjoyed the amber nectar as Eric called it. Usually someone was playing a guitar, someone else on accordian and someone on spoons. Then the rest would start dancing. Usually this was in the kitchen. Then they would move on to the next house and do the same. Most of the people in my hometown did this and elderly people that didn't go out much loved it. Then my brother told me that last year they made it illegal. Apparently their were too many armed robberies being committed by people dressed up as Mummer's. A great tradition gone because of a few bad apples.

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Hi Bruce and Diane. I notice you don't see the tricks to much on Halloween. I remember as a teenager there would be groups of teens roaming the streets loaded with tomatoes and eggs to throw. And everyone carried a bar of soap to soap car windows. I don't remember a window being soaped for the last 15 years or any acts of vandalism. That's a good thing I quess. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays now. I love watching the little ones come to the door all dressed up. I remember my grandson would wear his Spiderman costume a week before and a week after Halloween. Have a good weekend everyone. :)

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Great seeing you here Mike. I never heard of soaping windows before. Just might have to try that one out. LOL

You have a great weekend as well.

Hey.......you never turned out the light ! LOL

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