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What would you ask?


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My mom is slowly fading from us. She's still fighting but I'm afraid she doesn't have much fight left. I learned something from a friend passing away in Feb. '13 and that was to leave a legacy. I'm not saying my mom isn't leaving a legacy, of course she is, everyone that's ever known her trusts her and loves her and she's left a light in every life she's touched. What my friend left us was music, videos, photographs and various other things that we can still go back and listen to the sound of his voice. We can still hear his laughter and his thoughts on life and love and so on because he made it a point to record them for everyone because that's just the way he was. I want to document that same kind of thing with my mom and eventually with my dad.

My question to you all is:

If you had to ask your loved one a question before they passed away what would you ask?

I have the basics:

What's your fondest memory of your sister?

What's your fondest memory of your brother? (Again for her other brothers and her children)

What was your greatest ambition in life, do you feel you fulfilled it? Why or why not?

What would have done different? Why?

What wouldn't you change for the world? Why?

What do you want everyone to know once you're gone?

What piece of advice would you give to each of your children individually?

What do you want your brothers and sister to know after you're gone?

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I love this post..... thanks.. My late wife an I never thought about lots of those questions. they are all good to read and think about though.....

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