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Thursday's Air

Bruce u

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Morning folks

Another cold morning here. Clear skies, -34 with a -39 windchill.

I heard on the news that part of the U.S. is getting record breaking cold as well. I think when Cindy began fanning the air it really messed things up !!!!

I just looked at this forum. No replies in the last 4 post, only 1 reply in each of the 3 post prior to that, but lots of people reading. In all my time here as a member I don't think that I have seen the Just For Fun forum this quiet.

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Hi Bruce! Thank you so much for starting today's air. It sounds unbelievably cold where you are. I am thinking you live in Canada or North of the US somewhere. Down here, in Texas it was 80F yesterday and today we are expecting 1/2 -1/4 inches of ice to blanket the area. Goodness, I didn't think my magical weather powers were so effective. I need to work on that.

I hope Diane will heal quickly so we can read her sweet messages soon.

I'm not sure why it is so quiet in here this week. I'm thinking people are just watching all of those lovely Hallmark movies I've been hearing so much about. Tonight on ABC is the Muppet's Christmas.

Well, I just thought I'd drop in and say a quick hello.

Hope to see meet you ALL at the Dallas Hope Summit!!


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Hi Bruce,

Sorry about me being absent,lots of things going on,I am busy doing my Front of House duties,its the height of Panto season here,I am often covering two shows a day.Living now as a batchelor,I joined up with a dating web site,I am having fun,not that I have set the female world on fire with my photos,my profile,describing my charm,wit,intelligence and modesty,but I did have a date last week,the first one I have had since the sixties,we enjoyed a lunch together,she was a really lovely person,however our date was akin to meeting a stranger at a business conference,friendly,but rather lacking in atmosphere and warmth.Well i did learn how much I will have to improve on dating if I am to be successful in attracting Ms Right.I have a Linda meeting me next week,she is a stunner,well if thats her pic in her profile,seems we have so much in common,she phoned me last night,we got on so well,no pregnant pauses in our conversation,it just flowed naturally,so looking forward to next week.(I will keep you informed how it went)

I am still visiting Sally daily taking her shopping and lunch etc,she is still finding living on her own difficult,but I am doing my best to support her.

Got to go,its 6.30pm,time for my indoor bowling,catch up with you later.

Bye everyone.

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Hi Bruce Eric and Cindy. I have been reading but not posting. I seem to always be rushing trying to get things done. I have a group I got started to make lap quilts for the nursing home, the thing is they are working on it but very slow. Just one lady really picked it up and is keeping up with me. So far we have donated about 20 and I am hoping to have 8 or 10 done when they come again just before Christmas. That and the activities I am involved it keep me pretty busy especially doing a lot of cooking for activities this time of year.

Even here in northern California we are expecting very low temperatures, 20s and teens and snow tomorrow. I rushed to get things done before it gets here. Don't want to need something because I don't want to drive it that. I got caught one time when I lived up in the little mountain town of French Gulch. Starting snowing on my about two thirds of the way home from work. Luckily I made it alright. Well got to go I have more things to do before the live show The sound of music, Take care all.

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