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Late Saturday night or Sundays air


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Hi everyone. Hope you all had a nice holiday season. It was in the high forty's here today which seemed summerlike compared to the single digit numbers last week. Bruce I really don't know how you do it. We get wind chill factors here of 20 or 30 below but you get that in actual temps. Don't you have trouble breathing in that cold of weather? My granddaughters are here for the weekend and their boyfriends came over to watch a movie with them. I cant believe how fast they grow up. I remember when I was first dxed with lc I prayed and prayed that I would live long enough to help raise them. At that time they were early grade school and living with us. I am so very grateful to have the family I have. I quess facebook is a great thing to many but I can also see where it causes a lot of harm and hurt feelings. I met so many wonderful people here when I was dxed and I miss seeing them post or update. I know many have passed away and some have just moved on with their lives. I wonder how many of the older members still pop in and peep once and awhile to see whats going on. Anyway I hope you all have a great Sunday and I wish you all the very best in your lives. :D (PS) I think this is the very first time I ever opened the air.

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I am here Katie. I drop in once in a while but see very few posts so I just don't post. Often posts go unanswered. LC is still something that I watch closely because of so many we have lost here and that I have lost personally. My nephew will be going soon to have something removed from his lung. PET didn't show cancer but that has been a while. They will know when they go in and decide if the will take a lobe or just the growth. We are all hoping it is a fungus and not cancer but even the fungus can be pretty serious.

I don't have a lot to offer other than my love and prayers but will try and stop in more often. I do know how important this forum is. It could have made such a difference to me had I been a member during the time of Johnny's illness and that first year after his death.

I hope all are well and safe and will check in so we know what is going on in your lives.

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Mike – thanks for opening the air – it was nice to see it open again. Like Lily, I try to post, but sometimes get discouraged. I think Facebook is great of course, but I don’t think it takes the place of Lungevity when it comes to posting about treatments, side effects, fear of the disease, the day-to-day issues, etc. I know how much this place would have meant to me the first time I was dx, and how important it was when I was dx the second time. I hate to think it would not be here for those who will be facing this disease in the future. Katie I sure hope you can get something jump started. I know I haven’t been doing my share lately. Getting sick at Thanksgiving just took the wind out of my sails, and then my husband was dx with prostate cancer just before Xmas and that has been occupying my mind lately with him trying to figure out what treatment to do, if any. I will definitely try harder.

Bruce – Mike had a good question. How do you breathe with that really really cold air? When our temperatures were down I noticed I had a really hard time. Our temps are pretty much back to normal now, but we still need rain badly. The local ski resort had a “pray for snow party” this weekend, but it doesn’t seem to have produced much!

We have been having a lot of fun with this little 12-yr-old Chihuahua we rescued from my son and his wife (basically rescued him from all the toddlers). Our 90 lb german shepherd wants to play with him so badly, but he is just not interested. We got him a tiny little bed – and I guess she must have been a little jealous because she has been sleeping in his tiny bed (actually more like sleeping ON the little bed, and he has been sleeping in her huge bed) – really funny. We are “big dog people”, and none of our dogs ever needed any dental work, but this one did. Took him yesterday to have his teeth cleaned and some pulled --- cost more than I’ve spent on my teeth all year!!! Hopefully he will start brushing regularly :lol: .

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Hi All. I come and read a lot. I am of course a long term survivor , stage 3B diagnosed 12/3/97.

I also am in grief since loosing my husband 7/23/13 to lung cancer after a year of different chemo therapy it spread to his cerebral spinal fluid.

Recently on the news they are "celebrating" the 50 year anniversary of when it was announced in the news that cigarettes cause lung cancer.

I was alive then, 1964, in high school, everyone smoked on TV. Nearly 50 % of adults smoked , everywhere. When I was in nursing school ( I finished in sept. 1968) We were told not to smoke because the smell on our uniforms might could be offensive to the patients BUT all patients had ashtrays at there bedside, and most of the doctors smoked at the nurses station.

Now it is well known that birth control pills are in the same class as cigarettes as carcinogen causing cancer, the more abortions you have you quickly raise risk of cancer ( 3 abortions up to 90%) etc. But these according to Obama care are to be included in "Health Care" even the morning after pill ( as BCP is carcinogistic) is to be given to young without parental permission. How low do you think it will take for people to really understand this, ? as long as smoking? Donna G

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