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Fridays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Lovely morning here in Airdrie,nice to see all the spring flowers out,their lovely colours certainly brighten up my day.

Its just gone 10.15am,I have a committee meeting at 11am this morning at my outdoor bowling club,invited guests include a local councillor,solicitor and a couple of reps from Airdrie council properties and leisure.Hope not to bore you,but basically the council owned our bowling club up until 2011 then passed over its ownership to our committee to run the club independantly,up until that day in 2011,the council met all our running costs,however we have been landed with a utility bill of over £7000 ($10,500 approx) this was due to estimated meter readings of meters since 2002,since the meter was last read then,there has been a shortfall in the actual payments since 2002,we claim the council are responsible for this error,they claim since we are now the owners,it is our responsibility to meet this bill,hence the presence of a solicitor.To cap it all,vandals have removed all the lead flashings from our club house roof over the winter,and will cost £4000 to replace (our buildings insurance refuse to pay out in the case of theft from roofs) its just rediculous but there it is.

My relationship with my new friend Liz continues,we are having such good times to-gether,hence my lack of posts here,I must try harder to maintain my links with LCSC,miss you guys.We are planning a trip to Paris this May,I have never been there before,Liz has been there many times and loves the city.My daughter Jennifer left for a break to Rome last Tuesday,she celebrates her 30th birthday on tomorrow,she will return to Glasgow on Monday.

Sally now has daily visits from carers under a support scheme called homecare,she has to pay a small contribution towards this service.This at least frees me somewhat from my responsibility of looking after her,I am trying to cut back my support for Sally,Liz thinks I am doing too much for her,its hard trying to keep everyone happy.

Sorry guys,love to chat longer,but its 10.40am,must dash for my meeting,enjoy the rest of Friday.Byeee.

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Thank you for opening the air today Eric! I'm so happy to read that you and Liz are doing well. I'm also so excited for you in regards to your trip to PARIS this May! Wow. How lovely! I wish your daughter safe travels and hope to hear from you soon. Good luck at your committee meeting.


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