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New Here--Worried About Father


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Hi everyone,

This is my first time on the forum. I'm here because I'm concerned about my father's risk of developing lung cancer. He has smoked cigarettes since he was 15 (he's now 66)--and I mean ~2packs/day--and despite all of our efforts to get him to stop, he can't or won't. I feel like at this point it's not worth the stress of trying to get him to stop, but I (and my family) are still very worried about his health. What are some of the symptoms of lung cancer? I know cigarettes aren't directly related, but they certainly don't help. Does anyone feel like they're in a similar situation? I would love to hear your stories...

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Hi Emily,

only 10% of smokers develop lung cancer, but 100% of them develop other health issues- heart disease, other cancers, COPD- Emphysema, etc...

Quitting is the best thing but no one can make you quit smoking. The smoker has to want to quit. There are many smoking cessation programs he can try to help him.

As far as lung cancer symptoms- many people who are diagnosed with lung cancer don't experience symptoms until the latest stages.

The following symptoms could be indicators of lung cancer:

a cough that gets worse or does not go away

breathing trouble, such as shortness of breath

constant chest pain

coughing up blood

a hoarse voice

frequent lung infections, such as pneumonia

feeling very tired all the time

weight loss with no known cause

Also, if you dad is over the age of 55 there is Lung Cancer CT Screening. He can partake in yearly screenings to help detect any lung cancers early.

Hope that helps and good luck.

Best hopes,


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Thank you Katie for replying, my dad is 66 years old, and he does cough a lot, his voice sounds rough and harsh, and he complained once or twice about pain in his chest, I will take this Lung Cancer CT Screening into consideration. Do you think if my dad stops smoking that will improve his health? Well he has been a smoker almost all his life, but is there a hope that quitting smoking will decrease his chances of getting lung cancer?

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Stopping smoking will improve his health and stop further damage to his lungs. It will eliminate his risk of smoking related heart disease. It will improve his breathing and any COPD he may have. After 5 years of being smoke free I think the statistics are that the risk of getting lung cancer will only be 1/2 that of a never smoker.

See out a medical opinion. The LC Screening for those over 55 and a smoking history will give you more information. He doesn't have to quit to be a part of that screening program. It may actually motivate him to quit once he knows the facts. And if it doesn't, at least any lung issues will be found early when treatment is still possible.

Good luck. Keep us posted.

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the first step is the screening..... the bestt hing you can do.. next is quitting but that has to be on him top want to do... A Friend of mine quit using Chantix fairly well... I went cold turkey myself... lots of ways to get support for quitting cold turkey also....

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Thank you for replying, my dad had his scan and it showed that he has a possible chronic lung disease, it could be anything, we are still waiting for his next appointment which they said it will be within a couple of weeks, unfortunately still quitting smoking is not his top thing to do! But I’m more concerned about the length of waiting, what should we do while waiting?

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