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eric byrne

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Good Afternoon Everyone,

First off,wishing you all a happy independance day,hope you all have a great day of celebrations.

I am sorry about my absence here of late,my relationship with my new girlfriend Liz has continued to grow,I have been spending these last few weeks at her house,she dos'nt have internet access.Today I have just dropped Liz and her friend Jeannie off at Glasgow airport,they are off for a weeks holiday to Sorrento in Italy,so I am now back in my own home for the coming week.

So what have I been up to these past weeks?,gosh so many things,think I could write a book,for your relief I wont try in this post LOL.I did my usual charity walk around Millport earlier in June,with all the Noreen Davis Hikers and Bikers,we had a excellent turnout of supporters again,hopefully we will raise our target of £30,000 for a range of worthy charities.I as official photographer had a really successful day taking some super pics,they will be shown on a large screen on a loop at the Cheque Presentation Gala Night in October.

My daughter Jennifer has just returned from Malawi in Africa with her school pupils after a stay of nearly three weeks,they were there to decorate classrooms in various schools.Her experience there was quite profound,I think she will appreciate more the things she takes for granted here in Scotland,the poverty there,materially is considerable but she found the people there extremely happy, friendly and very welcoming.Jennifer showed me a bit of film of her group arriving at one of the schools there,the entire staff and pupils swamped their mini-bus in welcome,hands outstreched,trying to touch everyone on board the minibus.They were further welcomed by the entire school singing a beautiful song to them,one pupil held up a placard which read "Let us make memories that will last a lifetime".I can tell you the impression they left on Jennifer has certainly done that.Jennifer has now returned home,I have yet to see all her photographs and hear more of her experience,I will keep you posted.

I was invited last year to cover a Bowling Competition Event at my club last year,with my camera,the photos I took were sent into the local press and to my delight and surprise they were published,I got a full page spread.I was recently invited to photograph the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Lanarkshire Bowling Association,this entailed me to visit and photograph 4 different bowling club events,hopefully they will be published too,I have had some complimentary feedback from the Association.

I have booked a two week holiday with Liz on the Spanish Island of Tenerife from the 5th of September,so looking forward to a enjoyable bit of time out.I am currently following the soccer world cup in Brazil,sorry your guys failed to reach the quarter finals,but they certainly showed the world they are no slouches playing the game,they won a lot of respect for their skills,sportsmanship and sheer determination to win.Semis finals start in about an hour from now,with a second semi-final two hours later,how I love watching this competition,there is nothing to beat it.

Must go now,shopping to do for the evening meal,hope to get back to you soon,bye for now.

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