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Good morning everyone!  I'm sitting at the kitchen table drinking my coffee and looking out at all the trees with the changing colors.  It's just so beautiful!  This is really something I had never seen living in California.  There is a place in Missouri along the river everyone tells me is just breathtaking. I'm hoping we can do that soon before it's all over and the dreaded snow arrives.


Many of you have been following my broken ankle saga.  Well, It's been almost a year since my surgery and I have still been experiencing pain and swelling plus a "popping sound", so I went to see my surgeon.  He said it's due to excessive scar tissue that is wrapping around the hardware he put in.  He said I can opt for additional surgery or simply learn to live with it.  I decided to simply wear a brace and live with it.  I refuse to live in a wheel chair for another four months.  


I'm still teaching myself to quilt and learning a lot.  That seam ripper and I are becoming best friends these days I think. :)  I'm making several lap size quilts for the local nursing home and am hoping to get them delivered before winter arrives.  I had no idea just how expensive this hobby could be when I first started but I've learned that the Goodwill and Salvation Army many times has fabric at decent prices.


Well, I hope everyone is doing well and look forward to knowing what all of you are up to these days :)

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Hello.  Seems we have some in common.  We both lost our husbands to lung cancer , we both had broken bones last year, and we are interested in volunteering our time.  I broke my femur and the hip and ended up with a total hip replacement.  Tomorrow I am having orientation for new volunteers at the hospital. 


Last evening I went to my Grief Support Group meeting.  The speaker said during grief it is like the door handle is broken.  We have to find a new handle to get to through the door, new ways to deal with problems, emotions go up and down like waves. we have more questions than we have answers.


I don't think I will ever stop missing my husband but perhaps I can learn new ways to get through life without  him by my side.  I know he would want me to go on.


Donna G

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