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Lung Cancer Blood Test


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Hello everyone!  It has been years since I've posted, but I have been keeping up with the Facebook Message Boards.  I am wondering if anyone knows anything at all about this blood test for lung cancer.  Does anyone know any hospitals in the US working with the Early CDT test?  I couldn't find any in my online search.





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EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple blood test which can help your doctor detect lung cancer at an early stage, while it can still be cured with surgery. It does not test for predisposition for lung cancer, It tests for the possible presence of lung cancer at the time of testing. If lung cancer is detected at an early stage, before it has spread , survival rates are much higher since the tumor can be surgically removed. Please visit this Url for info: http://www.sierranevadacancer.com/news/lung-cancer-treatment-options

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The test does not prove that a person has cancer, but it does identify people who need additional, more definitive tests. The important thing is that we can pick up even stage I lung cancer. To diagnose lung cancer really early provides the opportunity for curative treatment. Unfortunately, lung cancer does not cause symptoms until fairly late in the disease process.

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Just found this thread. I have had numerous symptoms for a year that I felt related to sclc. A negative CT in April kind of ruled this out. As symptoms continued I decided to have early CDT blood test. That has come back positive. Now I am stuck with what to do next as gp says ct ruled out lung cancer and the early CDT is not an approved test (it's showing some good results though). I could do with any advice to help me get over the next hurdle which I feel is to get a ct scan, but here in UK I need a doctor to refer and they won't based on a test in trial. Catch 22.....

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