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Hello, I am a newbie

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Hi, I am grateful to belong to this group and at the same time I have a question for you and hope someone could relate.  I had stage 1 NSCLCC LLL.

 and had thoracic (VATS) surgery on Feb 23, 2015.  I thought by now I could breathe better than I am doing.  I can just move from one chair to the other and i'm gasping for air.  Plus this last month my nose always felt stuffed so I would pick at it and try and getting the black dry blood scabs out so air could get through but that hasn't helped either.  My taste buds are way off also.  Its like a metal taste. 

Anyway, has anyone had these problems and if you did, how did you get rid of it?

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Hello , glad you found us.  Stage I sounds like that really caught it early.  Where you having symptoms that the doctor was doing tests for?

I had surgery way back in 1998, they took my R upper lobe, the old fashion way, break ribs and open up the chest..

It took me quite a while to get over the worst of it.  I also had had chemo and radiation so I was pretty weak from that and ended up

going to physical therapy to get my strength back and I also did water aerobic class.

As far as the nose goes it may have been irritated from intubation or from using Oxygen .  I wonder it getting a netty pot ( they are used by people who have sinus and nasal allergies)

rinsing it with the saline might help.  You could ask your doctor or pharmacist.  Your sense of smell if your nose is in trouble may also effect your taste.


Keep us posted on how you are doing.  Hope you find a good solution.


Donna G

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Hello, welcome to the message boards. 

I'm sorry you are experiencing some discomfort. Has your doctor mentioned a saline spray maybe for your nose?


Here is a recommendation from another survivor: I used baking soda and salt a teaspoon of each to a quart of water rinse day and night and drank lots of sweet tea


Please keep us posted if you found a solution. Look forward to your next post. 

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