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Partial Remission


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The oncologist delivered great news today....... he said that he could honestly say that Steve is in PARTIAL REMISSION and he is very confident that he will go to FULL REMISSION soon!! He also said that there is very little disease remaining, after only 2 chemo cycles

(4 more cycles are scheduled.) Lung tumors have vanished, except one 4cm, which is down from a very large mass occupying 2/3 air space of right lung. All tumors of lymph nodes are gone, except one that is now considerably less than it's original 3cm. Mets to liver and adrenal gland have vanished!! Small, round "spots" on pelvis are NOT bone mets.....

The oncologist partially attributes the speedy progress to the trial drug enhancing the chemo effectiveness. Steve has also been very lucky in having no side effects from chemo, other than some hair loss.

God bless everyone striken with this terrible disease. Miracles DO happen.

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