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I need all your prayers

Guest carmen

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Hello everyone;

I'm asking one more time for your prayers.This friday I have an appt. with my oncologyst and will know the results of the Xrays and MRI that I have done, due to lower back pain; also he will tell the treatment I need, since the problem went to some of my bones.

I'm very possitive about this time again, because I guess I'm getting use to hear a different new everytime.Thank God, the lumpectomy went very good, the surgeon told me tath the lump was very tiny, that the surroenders were clean , so are the lymphnodes.

My lung is stable and do no need any treatment. Now I have to deal with the bones.

Since my problem started in the urethra 10 years ago and had a very long surgery (17 hours) plus 26 Rads.m and I was fine for 9 years untill lthe same kind of tumor grew bach this time in the lung.

For my experiences I see how good is God, that gives us the strenght we need to fight

O thankyou all of you, for the great support and for your prayers.

God Bless you all


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