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Thursdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                   I do hope you are all well and enjoying summer.Summer here in Scotland this year has been pretty dismal with regard to the weather,something to do with the jet stream passing over the south of England pulling in depressions over Scotland,so were it not for my wee trips to Europe this year I would'nt have got much of a sun tan here,I have also have a wee visit to Malta on the 15th of Sept to look forward to.

      I have been using my new motorhome recently,I travelled into England last week to spend some time in a holiday park in Northumberland,a site called Haggerston Castle,it was a lovely place,lots of things to do for kids,pony riding,playgrounds,swimming pools,you name it,it was there.Evening entertainment was available,cabaret type,the downside was the number of kids in attendance,bit too noisy for me,one would have thought the kids would have been off to bed about nine pm to give the adults a break but no,they were there right to the end about midnight.Probably the management were concerned about loss of drink profits if parents left early to bed the kids?

        Schools in Scotland return on Monday,my daughter Jennifer returns today,these are called service days,to prepare for the reopen on Monday.Jennifer enjoyed her holiday on Tenerife last week,I would just love to buy a house there,to escape a Scottish winter,well keep doing the lottery,I can always dream.

      As typical for Thrursdays,I am shortly off into Glasgow to meet up with my gym buddies to share a lunch in Wotherspoons,catching up with all the gossip,talking of lotteries,we do the Euromillions lottery together ,I buy the ticket each week with two lines then seal them in a envelope which I will write on it the winning numbers,to present the envelope the following week for the guys to open,the anticipation of a big win is always there,I have for various reasons 4 weeks of unopened envelopes to pass over to the guys today,I will let you know if we hit the jackpot LOL.

       Liz is off for a visit to Ayr today with one of here friends (Jeanette) they will have lunch in a lovely restaurant called Wildings ,it is just next to Donald Trumps Turnberry golf course,the restaurant is decked with photos of many famous golfers who have dined there during the British Open and other major tournaments.Liz used to own a house there and would rent it out to golf competitors for a tidy sum of money.

      I am having a telephone interview tomorrow with a journalist from Saga magazine,Saga is a major insurance company here aimed at the over 50's,they are also a big holiday firm.I think I should share with the journalist about me planning travel insurance with for my trip to the USA a couple of years ago,the firm advertise themselves as cancer friendly.I had to speak to one of their "medical experts" about my lung cancer,having answered all their questions I was advised that I fell "outside their perameters" and could not insure me but they could introduce me to one of their underwriters,whose fees start at £3000,needless to say I declined their kind offer,so much for being "cancer friendly.Incidentially I did find an alternative insurance company who only charged me about £110 for my 7 week trip to the USA.

      Got to go everyone,bye for now.

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