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Wednesdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                   Its just gone 5am here in Scotland,I woke up earlier and cannot get back to sleep,so here I am.I am still enjoying getting about in my new campervan,we look up the predicted weather forecast for the next few days and where ever there looks like a fine spell in the UK, then off we go.I just discovered last week the small town of Moffat in the Scottish Borders,Dumfries and Galloway to be more precise,the weather was lovely as was Moffit itself,set in beautiful scenery all around it ,the town itself well worth the visit,I was speaking to one of the locals one day,who just happened mention we missed a farmers day event the previous week,one of the highlights of which was Moffits main street is closed off to have sheep racing,locals knit woollen jockeys that are fitted to the sheeps backs and the sheep then race up and down the town centre.The church yard is also incorporated,they make up a race track for steeplechasing ie the sheep now run around the track which has small fences erected which they have to jump over,seems a lot of fun,I must try and visit next year. 

      I think I mentioned previously I was invited to join a committee called TCAT,this group along with the MacMillan organisation have been given a role in identifying and monitoring projects all over Scotland in supporting cancer patients following the completion of their treatments.We have currently 26 projects up and running covering a wide range of client groups eg assistance in getting back to work,young people with cancer and many others.A grant of £5 million has been allocated by the government over the next few years,with the support of Napier Uni in Edinburgh who are monitoring its outcomes for value for money.I am visiting the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundations office in Glasgow this morning where they are hosting a TCAT committee meeting.Under discussion is current progress on the projects.The scheme has been up and running for approx 18 months,so I am still on a learning curve catching up with all thats been going on.

        I just opened up my emails just now to find a draft copy of an article for the Saga Magazine here in the UK,I was interviewed last week by a journalist for the magazine who wanted to include a short piece on my lung cancer story.The article is very well written mainly about current progress in the developements in lung cancer treatments for patients,I look forward to reading the published article.

 Talking about emails ,I had to cancel my broadband contract with Virgin Media in Airdrie,since they do not operate in the Newmains area of my new address,instead I had to take on SKY as my broadband provider.What I did'nt realise was my blueyonder email address is owned by Virgin Media and they had withdrawn it from me,they said they had lettered me giving me 90 days grace to have my email address changed,I never received that letter.However,my nephew is a computer graduate who teaches the subject in high school managed to re-instate me with my old email address to allow me to read all mails sent there post 14th Aug and set me up with a new email address.If any of you wish to have my new address please do send me a request and I will share it with you.

        Lastly,I have been invited to do a presentation at my nephews girlfriends high school in Dundee shortly,I have to have a pre meeting with selected staff to go over what I should include,probably a strong anti-smoking message along with a bit about my lung cancer journey.Nearly six am now,think I will go back to bed for a wee bit more shut eye,if I can.Bye for now.

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Hi Eric,


Wow, you were up pretty early typing us this message. Thank you for taking the time to share what life is like where you are and all of your adventures. 


The sheep racing sounds exciting! I wish I could have seen that.


The government grant is good news! I look forward to reading about more progress from the TCAT!


When your article is published will you share it with us? I'd like to read it. :)


Also, I would like your new e-mail address so we can all keep in touch. 


I look forward to your next post! 



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