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Stage IV Lung Cancer


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HI Everyone. I was diagnosed in January 2015 with Stage IV lung cancer. I am never sick but though I had the flu. Long story short it tuned out to be lung cancer. Not sure I am over the shock still!! No cancer in my family.

Had tumor on brain - Cyber knife treatment very successful. Hip had some damage (pain) as well due to the cancer - put pin in hip & rod in thigh  -not much help for pain. Having been doing chemo since January - now in a clincial trial - seems to be holding things at bay - for now.

I'm not good at sharing information, I don't talk abou this a lot. So tired of every conversation being about "how do you feel??!?" Still working full time but dragging all the time! Glad to join a group who understands the daily struggles

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Hello.  Welcome to our group.   Wow, you are still working full time?

Glad to hear you are in a clinical trial.  Cyber knife is such a good treatment.  Glad to hear it was a success on the brain mets.

Hip surgery on top of all the rest !  A couple of years ago I broke the head of my femur off at the hip and had surgery,

it took  a while to get "back on my feet" and recover.  That also was long after I was treated for lung cancer.  Yours you say was

during your treatment , again WOW.!


Keep us posted .


Donna G

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I also had a successful cyber knife treatment and it fried my tumor.  I didn't talk much about my cancer either but did find comfort in blogging about it, especially during the very bad middle week in my three week chemo cycle.  It was an outlet, a means of broadcasting how bad I felt without actually having to talk about it.


Feel free to tell us about you future treatment.  Most of us have been where you are and we're a receptive and concerned audience.


Stay the course.



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