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adnocarcinoma 12/15/2015


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Welcome here.  I also had a Cyber Knife years ago on a tumor in my left lung.  Certainly, your news of involvement in the Hilar region is not good.


You know the drill having had a Cyber Knife.  You need to get mentally prepared to lock and load and battle your disease.  I can sense your disappointment and frustration.  Cancer is persistent; lung cancer especially so.  I'm sure your treatment team is teeing up alternatives to counter the invasion.  I've found, I needed to beat my disease mentally as well as medically.  Despite many treatment failures, I started to believe my treatment would arrest my disease.  I therefore hold that one's attitude toward treatment and outcomes is essential. Please embrace a positive outlook and steel yourself to your forthcoming treatments.


I look forward to hearing news in the future.


Stay the course.



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Hi Tom - thank you for the encouragement.  I have been reading all the information I can find on adenocarsinoma.  Problem I am having is after the endoscopic ultrasound needle biopsy I still

have a sore throat.  I have emphysema on top of this so it is very challenging for me at this present moment.  I have had this for eight years and I am on oxygen 24/7.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 finished with radiation summer of 2002, had tumor in the right lung in 2004 and was resectioned. Then in 2007 had bladder cancer and lost my husband. Now to present day

2014 tumor in left lung Cyber Knife radiation, 2014/2015 now in lymph node on same side of the left lung and still there is another nodule in the lung.  So today Sunday writing saying thank you

for your encouragement and to fight.

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You've proved that you are quite the fighter and that should help carry you through this too. Did they get enough of the tumor to run genetic testing on it? If this was my body I would insist on testing for EGFR, ALK, ROS1. I add the ROS1 because of prior radiation. At this time they are not using the anti pd1 drugs on patients who've had more than one primary but you might have them check it incase you decide to ask for Expanded Access of a pd1 inhibitor.

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My doctor has already issued instructions for gene testing.  He said that we probably would have some answers this upcoming week.  They are testing for all three, but have heard of PD1 inhibitor

drugs.  Still trying to find out all I can about the genetic drugs.  The only thing I have found out so far is that it is very expensive and my situation cannot afford the heavy duty copays even with

Medicare and secondary insurance. 


Thank you

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I would like know how those of you that are on Xalkori or another type of

meds for lung cancer are doing with the meds.  I have been reading

alot about some of the reactions.  My doctor has not called yet

with the results of the gene testing, but hoping for information today.

My patience is wearing a little thin, and really do not bother him

at this moment. 

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