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My mom diagonised with very rare type of lung cancer

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My mom, 49 yr old started coughing up blood 20 day ago. we immediately take her to Christian Medical College, Vellore, india. After bronchoscopy bipsy doctor diagonised with spindle cell carcinoma lung cancer which very rare type of tumer. cancer is staged with 3A(T4N1M0) and doctor said that there is only 5% chance that chemo or radiation therapy work. Best way is to Thorasic lobectomy surgry. since the tumer is in the right side lower lobe so doctor will remove 60% of the lung. On 1st march she will undergo for the surgry. I want more info about this type of cancer and is there any possibility of returning the cancer after surgry...

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Hello.  I am sad your Mom has to go through all this.  It is wonderful however that she was able to get to a good

Medical center and get diagnosed.  The sooner the better !   I was diagnosed stage 3B in December 1997.  I had just turned 50.

I pray that your Mom will have good results and be here years from now with you.  

I do not remember hearing of " spindle"  cell carcinoma.  If they have gotten the tumor before it has had a chance to spread

that would be best.   If they find it in lymph nodes etc.  there is also the option of chemo.

Please come back and let us know how she is doing.

Again wishing for the best results,

Donna G

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Welcome here.  You are right, spindle cell carcinoma is a rare form of lung cancer.  But the good news from your description, it was found in situ or in place without spreading to other parts of her body.  In this condition, surgery is the best treatment and it is a curative treatment.  After surgery, her doctor may order what is called by our survivor community "dust-up" chemotherapy to address any cells in your mom's bloodstream.  This type of chemo is understrength and generally well tolerated with adverse side effects.


There is not a lot of easily understood information published about spindle cell carcinoma.  I found several medical journals in an on line search but those are difficult for us "non doctors" to understand.  


Unfortunately, there is indeed a possibility that lung cancer can return after surgery.  That is part of the reason for administering the "dust-up" chemo.  Lung cancer is a persistent disease. You can help by encouraging your mother to be more persistent.


You'll have lots more questions.  Ask away.


Stay the course.



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