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Blood Work


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I went in on the 11th of this month (April) and had my routine blood work after a 3 month reprieve. My oncologist said everything looked good. When I got on line a couple of days later and pulled up my reports there were a few things that I was not sure of. If anyone can tell me if these numbers are something to be concerned about I would appreciate it. I am not very knowledegable on lab test results. I have come to trust my friends on here more than anyone else.

I am only posting the ones that were out of range, everything else looked fine.

WBC 2.9

RDW-SD 44.3

MONO 12.0

Neut 30.0

ALT 38




I had a PET/CT done today and will see the doc on Monday of next week so thought I would get your opinions before I ran them by him again since he said they looked good.

Thank you

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Blood chemistry is not one of my strong points.  I have a good friend who is a leukemia survivor and he knows all about blood chemistry.  But, as a lung cancer patient, I've never paid much attention to blood test results other than when I was in active chemo.  Then it was just two factors that mattered:  WBC & RBC and the result was a Neulasta or Procriet or both injection.  I still see my oncologist twice a year and still get a blood test before every visit.  Some elements are reported low but looking back on the form, but looking back my nurse tells me they've always been a little low.


I hope your PET/CT scan results are good.


Stay the course.



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