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Scared Newly Diagnosed -Stage 2B Possible 3A

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Hi Everyone-

My name is Christina. I am 56 years old with a Stage 2B non small cell pulmonary adenocarcinoma that was diagnosed via EBUS in mid April.  Saw the surgeon today to talk about the Minimally invasive VATS procedure to remove the right lower lobe and the mediastinal lymph node but he wants to do a mediatinscopy to be sure that its not a stage 3A or Stage B since it was a hilar lymph node. If it is, than we need to do chemo first before the resection.  I had colon cancer 3 years ago and beat that and now this. Its alot to deal with and scary.  Reading all the stuff on the internet makes you crazy and depressed.  Hoping to find some support from all of you here who have probably heard it all before. 



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Hello Christina.  Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but as you might know we have been on your journey.


It is great that many in recent years have been able to have the VATS surgery.  It is a lot easier to recover from.


I was Stage 3B and did have to have chemo and radiation to shrink to shrink the tumor before I could have


surgery.  If it turns out that way it can have a good outcome.  I know for I am still alive and I was diagnosed in December 1997 .


Please let us know if you have concerns or questions.  Also keep us posted on how things are going.


I hope also that you have family and friends there to be at your side for Doctor visits and treatments .



Donna G

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Hello Christina,


I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with a second kind of cancer. I went to a lung support group and many of the people there who have been on chemotherapy or certain drugs are getting secondary cancers. I worry about that with my husband who I am helping now with stage IV adenocarcinoma. It seems the big thing now is molecular testing where they check to see if you match up with mutations for which they have targeted drugs which is much easier. I didn't know if they are doing this for you or if it applies. My husband is on a clinical trial and there was no hope of surgery for him so you are in better shape so far that way. I know it's hard reading everything out there on the web. Our Dr. said that most of what we read about is old and doesn't compare to what they are doing within the past 2 years. He told us not to pay attention to the statistics. Anyone treated in the last couple of years remember has not lived long enough yet to have a 5 year survival rate. Most of that information is old out there and dates way back.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging reply.  I found out that it is definitely Stage 2B and I  will be having my surgery June 2-VATS thoroscopy  with a right lower lobectomy and I guess some type of chemo to follow. Nervous and scared but ready to face the music and get the show on the road so that we can get this taken care of.

Will let you know how it goes.

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Hi Christina, I understand your fear and confusion. I also was dxed with stage 2b. I had surgery with the intention of removing my lower right lobe but after finding a few positive nodes they decided to remove entire right lung and follow up with 4 rounds of chemo. The good news is that was eleven years ago and my last yearly cat scan in January I was still cancer free. I wish you the very best and will say a prayer for good results for you.

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Hi Christina,


I feel you were very fortunate to find your cancer at the stage you did. Our Dr. told us that it is rare to find it at a stage 1 or 2 which is ideal. He said most people don't have symptoms until stage IV. Do find out about where your Dr. stands on getting molecular testing and how you may fit into the mix. At the lung cancer support group - the most successful ones there were on drugs for the 3 main mutations. I believe they are EFGR, KRAS and ALK. The ones at the group that had been on targeted therapy have been doing well for 10 years.


On a side note, my husband has been on a clinical trial using immunotherapy combined with chemo. He has been on MPDL3280A. It now has a name is getting ready to go on the market ahead of time due to the success rate it has had. it is by Roche. His was in combination with chemo. He has 2 more weeks to go. On that he gets Carboplatin, Abraxine (nab-pacelataxel/generic name) and the study drug... named Atezolizumab aka coded MPDL3280A. So far so good. Looking forward to the CAT SCAN results after the 5th.


Keep us posted. : )

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