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Saturdays Air.

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

                                   I just thought I would drop in and share a wee post with you all.I do hope you are all well and enjoying summer.Our Scottish weather has been a bit on the dull side thus far although I did take my campervan for a few days to Pitlochry in June we were lucky,the sun blazed for the duration of our break,Pitlochry is just beautiful,we had such a fun time there.

         I am just home from a weeks holiday in sunny Spain,a place called Playa Flamenca,we were also in the area to look at properties that we could buy to enjoy a second home in the sun.We travelled about the area,thousands of houses there,probably better described as a sea of houses,in areas they call urbanisations,but its not for us,really not much on an infrastructure has been bedded in with the houses,only the odd shop or restaurant.

     The UK has just held a referendum on its membership of the EU,it was brought about to satisfy a rump of malcontents within the ruling Conservative Party,the leave campaign was called Brexit,it had a lot of support from the right wing media,it was pretty pathetic and vaccuous with slogans like "Lets put the Great back into Britain" and "We want our country back",in fact it reminded me very much of Donald Trumps campaign.In my view the whole debate should have been about the economy,if we leave a trading bloc of 500,000,000 customers,where will we find a replacement?,Germany and France had warned us out means out there will be no special favours if you vote leave,even President Obama had warned the UK,we can expect no special favours too.Well the voters were more concerned about the issue of immigration than the economy and voted leave,its just unbelievable.Scotland voted 62% to remain,so there will now be the possiblity of a second referendum for Scotland to vote again for independance from the UK and remain as members of the EU,its a tall order since Spain is worried about the region of Catalonia also seeking independance,their government will veto Scotlands application for continued membership.

   On a personal note on how Brexit has effected me,my dreams of owning a Spanish home in the sun has overnight become $10,000 more expensive with the fall in the UK pound against the Euro,plus there may be other ramifications for Brits living in Spain in having such things like free healthcare recinded that is part of a reciprocal arrangement with the UK with Spanish citizens living and working in the UK,the whole thing is such a mess.

     Sorry about my ramblings,particularly on such a subject like Brexit if you find foreign politics irrelevant and dull,my 2016 would be a complete disaster if to crown it all Donald Trump becomes El Presidente,LOL.

      Did you read about Donalds trip to Scotland a couple of weeks ago?,he was visiting his recent purchase of Turnberry Golf Course, he was met with the Mexican Flag flying on his clubhouse roof a  Mariachie band (Scots) calling themselves Juan Direction sporting a wheelbarrow full of building bricks.

   Bye for now.

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